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Why is Minecraft so Popular? [BlogPost #1]

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avatar idontknow23
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What comes to mind when you say the name?
Maybe it's the blocks, maybe a Creeper.
But this 8-bit game has sold over 8 million copies.
This game of blocks has brought in over $100,000,000.

We all love this game, of course, but let's break this down to a simple question;

WHY is Minecraft so popular?

Minecraft is, of course, an Indie game.
How could an independent game development company bring so much attention to itself?
You may say that the game was spread like a virus around the world
by word-of-mouth. You'd be right. Minecraft is mainly popular because "discoverers" of this game ferociously spread it around their circle of friends with good reviews and recommendations.
The game got such a reaction because, well, players simply liked it. It was enjoyable.
Why was it so enjoyable?
It provided a feeling of accomplishment.

We all know that feeling of Miner's Euphoria that occurs when our avatar walks into an abandoned mineshaft or crafts that diamond sword we've been waiting for.
The same feeling also comes about when we finish a building, whether it be a castle, a house, a factory, whatever.
We get a rush because we have accomplished something.

"But, idontknow23", you may be asking yourself, "What happens after we finish our task? What keeps us playing?"

The answer to that lies in human nature. Since the beginning of our kind, we have been intelligent beings that have had the power to create. People have spent years building their home with their hands in the past. As soon as they finish their creation, they instantly are attached and protective of their build. The same principle applies in Minecraft. Although our buildings are now virtual, we still get attached to them. We want to improve them, make them prettier, and protect them.
We realize that the place that people call the "Real World" is not perfect, but there's no reason why our worlds can't be perfect. No one can tell us what to do there. What we want, we go get.

So to tie up the ends of my first blog, let's answer the question.

Why is Minecraft so Popular?
I must answer the question with another question.

Why aren't you playing now?

12/03/2012 5:13 pm
Level 25 : Expert Dolphin
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