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Why ive been so inactive

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avatar DarthKilliverse
Level 22 : Expert Warrior
Whatever platform your reading this on, ive been inactive pretty much everywhere except twitter and youtube, and after this month long break i think you should know, because im mad at myself for it because i also said i wouldnt die without warning (on skin studio at least). Now, i havent been inactive because ive been drawing slightly more lately, or that i have that new computer i want (hurry up XD), its been because ive been extremly demotivated. For my art side of social media, whenever i make a skin, i have to post it on four platforms at once, being Skinseed, Minecraft Skin Studio, Planet Minecraft, And Devianart. Skinseed and MSS are the easy ones, but devianart and planet minecraft are slightly harder. When i make a description on DA, it takes for ever for me to type it because my keyboard lags. I would use the app, but i heard its not very good for creators, so i use the site. Admittedly i copy paste descriptions from my notes with a little editing on each platform, but on DA i still need to add hashtags so my art gets noticed. And trust me, with a laggy keyboard on DA, typing hashtags takes a while to do and is annoying. On planet minecraft on the other hand, it doesnt even have an app as far as im aware, so im forced to use the site. Whenever i paste a description in, it doubles the spaces between paragraphs, so i have to manually go in and delete them, which is also annoying. Another thing is about my current intrests. Im still a giant fan of fnaf and never plan on leaving, but ive been leaning towards my minecraft universe more lately (if you follow me on twitter ive been doing more related to that) but i dont have the story or the skins necessary to release anything, besides one new version of my skin and a nether blacksmith. So now i have piles of skins waiting to be released and i dont know which ones to release, so ill link a pole for what you wish.

Ill try to improve for now on, im considering doing weekly releases so im not rushing to be active (unless its a skin pack), and thanks for reading.

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