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Why Minecraft Is the Best Game - School Speech

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Why Minecraft Is the Best Game - School Speech

In 2013 I needed to write a School Speech, so I decided to write mine on "Why Minecraft is the Best Game". (NOTE: Any Facts in this speech are from 2013 and some may only apply in New Zealand, like the money value. Not Everything in this speech is a fact, but some are just my opinion. And If you love COD, im sorry, but I just needed to compare MC To something Gory and Expensive [This Speech was meant to be for school, so thats why I say that MC is good because its not R16 or R18])

Do you want to play a game thats Fun? A game where you can Kill people with Machine Guns and cut people in half? Well then this is the Wrong Game for you. Minecraft is not a game thats all about Killing and Good graphics, its a game of Creativity, Skill and Quick Reactions. Minecraft has over 4 Million people playing it and it is a game that when you play for 2 hours, you love it. Minecraft is cheaper than most popular games, has good gameplay and its violence isn't as gory as most modern games today.

Have you always wanted to get a really good game but it was worth One-Hundred dollars or more? Well this is not a game worth One-Hundred dollars that you can't get, it's actually just Thirty-Two dollars New Zealand, and lots of people play it. For example, the new Call of Duty Ghosts game has come out at One-Hundred and thirty-two dollars NewZealand! That's a lot for 1 game, when with that money you could buy 1 Minecraft account and still have One-Hundred dollars left to buy anything you want, therefore you could buy almost 4 more Minecraft accounts in total. What game would you rather buy with your money?

Are you a fan of old games, do you care about the graphics, or do you care about the good gameplay and storyline? Minecraft is a Pixilated Sandbox game, which means that its a game with no real ending, or path. In Minecraft, you choose your path and destiny. You could Build whatever you want, live however you want, play with whoever you want and play whenever you want! As Minecraft might be a fun game to play, it can also be used for education. For example, in Social Science my class and I needed to build a model castle, but I didn't use wood or cardboard, I built it in Minecraft. Easy to build and very portable. Minecraft also has countless crafting recipes, which can improve your Memory, and even has a mode to turn Monsters off for any young children.

Lastly, Do you ever say “Wow! Look at that awesome game! Mum, can I get it?” and then you realize its R16 or R18 and your mum refuses? Minecraft is not R16 or R18, it doesn't even have a rating, because the game hasn't officially come out yet, and still has development versions. A survey was put on a website with different Ratings that Minecraft would be. The highest out of Seven choices at 40% was Ages 10+. On Another Website, someone asked what the Rating for Minecraft was and most comments was M, for Cartoon Violence and Mild Language from online players and 10+, for just Cartoon Violence with no blood. So you're Legally allowed to play Minecraft for anyone under 16 or 18 years old, but not for Call of Duty.

In Conclusion, Minecraft is a Great Game to play by yourself or with friends. Its on most devices; Mac, PC Windows, Iphone and Ipad, Xbox 360, and Similar Versions on the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and PSP. Its Cheaper than most Popular New games, has good gameplay and is less Violent than most modern games. So what game is right for you to play? Call of Duty or Minecraft?

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09/24/2014 6:51 pm
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Great speech!
09/24/2014 11:53 pm
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Thanks :)
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