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Why Minecrafters Leave "Minecraft"

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avatar -Rusty-
Level 38 : Artisan Taco
SPILCY! It's one of those words you don't-  Oh um... Hey...

It's *cough*... It's Rusty! Spinning in from another light speed trip around
time! So there's a sort of ageing question, the kind of question that
ages like fine wine...

Great game right? Then why does it seem so many people, after years of playing or devotion, seem
to fade away from the game as a whole? I mean, it freaks us out!
Truth of the matter is, the problem is not the game of Minecraft that
gets old- in fact I would say it is timeless- the problem is truthfully
the experiance of the game, and how our mind is actually wearing down
the experiance for us. Let's explain.

Experiance Exploration

Minecraft. A Wonderful game. Can you remember when you first bought your copy of
Minecraft? Human beings as a whole love the art of exploration. We love
finding new things, learning new things, reaching new goals, achieving
the things that we would want to achieve. No matter what that is, we
always seem to want to achieve it, and we always feel content with
achieving it. Discovery is one of the best things in the world. It's why
we hate spoliers, it why we watch movies, why we love videogame plot
points, we we theorize about the most contraversal games, and why we
look for deeper meaning in the most simplest things.

Being a procedurally game and all, everytime you create a world it is like your
starting a big bang reaction. Everytime we play, we are entering a new
universe, and the new things that you explore- unless you are using a
specific seed- have probably never been explored before, meaning that
you are a legitmate







Minecraft is so popular because it is what we want. Even if it would be dangerous
and scary at night, how many of us would be so psyched to be
transported into a real world that behaved exactly like the world of
Minecraft? Sweet. (Plus Respawning, so you know...)

We all love Minecraft because it puts us in a position that we all secretly crave.
Simplicity. A place where you wake up, get wood, mine, check the farms,
eat food... A simple routine. In todays world, we are so rushed in what
we do. Wake up to early and be tired all day, or sleep in and be late
for work/school, Go to school/work, be told to do more then you can do,
worry about what every thinks, keep your reputation, mantain your image,
do sports or a hobby you are known for, keep stable, finish, buy the
food from the most conveinent fast food stop, come home with just enough
time to pour out the rest of your energy into your relationships, and
then go to bed waiting for tommorow... And even then, every day their is
a new challenge, and the routine shifts, disrupting our lives, forcing
us to change our habits everyday... Habits we just got used to doing...

Minecraft offers an escape. A bittersweet paradise that offers a simple way of
life. Sure with things like updates or regional difficulty, it may seem
like things are getting a bit more complicated, but most of the things
to do in Minecraft are not even nececarry to fully enjoy the game. If I
haven't convince-ered you enough yet, then you're gonna have a bad time.

More of the Same

Exploration! What we want! Yah! And yet even as the game itself does evolve
constantly, it's a constant pattern that people, even those who were
once die hard fans seem to slip away from the amazing experiance
Minecraft can give someone. But a big problem is that, well...

It is more or less... More of the same thing...

Minecraft, despite very real things like updates, and exploration, and the vast
possibilities of the generation system, that this fact is very true.
Trees, lakes, mountains, villages, villagers... As many mods as there are, the
texturepacks and skins, it feels like everything still ends up looking
generic in the way it is always made.

Can we ever stop this, will anything ever be done to change the minds of those that just stop
playing? Well, we shouldn't want to.


Depending on why we gamers play videogames
can play a crucial role into not only what video games we play, but
also why we play. Weather you are part time player or full blown gamer,
we all play specific games for specific reasons.

Minecraft is a creative game, a discovering game, and sometimes even both.

Casually spinning into the sun, this has been Rusty :u


09/19/2015 2:51 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
Haru the Timelord
This is beautiful, you should write poetry.
09/21/2015 10:24 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Taco
I do
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