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Why modding is important by Diamondhackers

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Hey guys welcome to another blog by Diamond hackers, wow guys its really a relief to be posting another blog after such a long time so here it goes.

Modding and why it is important

Ever since notch has left the game to work on other upcoming Mojang titles the outcome of new developments are debatable. Some are not very happy with whats been brought out in the mean time. That is why modding is so important.

Reason A:

Modding gives us near infinite possibilities in the game, you cano t complain now that there isno t enough being added. There are literally 1000s of mods out there and some are absolutely brilliant. Such as Build craft, industrial craft and EE. And these are just so examples. So there should be no excuse for not having something to do!

Reason B:

When you look around PMC or other sites and you cano t find something you want, well thats no excuse either. In fact its an opportunity to learn java script and build a team on the forums of Modders, graphic designers and the likes and build your dream mod. Remeber there are infinite possibilities!

Final note

Thanks for listening guys hope this blog was interesting please Diamond ,Like and Subscribe.

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