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Why not ^w^ (pt. 2)

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First Chapter

In association with: pluckpi, TheCrypteral, Trotelot, Hello_there__, Winters_Bane, TheMidnightWolfYT, Jupit3r, KreedGamer, AxolotlArmyPlayz, ShadowOnTheLoose, BlueBoyBuilds, CosmoX45, Afap, Veillax

Chapter 3: "If You're Not In It- "

Trot did her nightly routine-- brushed her teeth and hair, pulled off her bandanna, and dressed in her nightgown. She tucked up in her bed, yawned, and turned her phone off. A few minutes later, it rang. "Oh, what do you wa-- oh hi, Noah... yeah, I'm good... just about to go to sleep... wait- say that again-- a sleepover? Ok, I'll be there... ok, bye!" She hugged her pillow, and packed a backpack of snacks(chips and chocolate)and her clothes, and, of course, Jake, her Creeper pillow plush. She dashed to Noah's house. Noah greeted her with a hug. "Hi, Trot, I think we all missed you."
"Hi, Noah!" She smiled warmly. Trot laughed, she yawned, and almost fell asleep. "I think it's time for bed." Yawned Jupiter. "Good night..." Trot trailed off. "Good night." The house seemed to echo. She slept in the basement, as almost everyone else. Her head hit the pillow, and she fell into a deep sleep. She dreamed of her friends, and then, they turned against her, and almost killed her. She woke, gasping hard. 'Maybe I should head home before I wake someone...' Trot thought, packing her stuff. She climbed the stairs sadly. 'If I keep having dreams like this, I'll wake everyone.' As she opened the door, there on the porch, was a silhouette of a fairly stocky figure. They stood, staring out at the city. "Huh? Couldn't sleep either?" It was Gabe. "I- I had a bad dream. I didn't want to wake anyone... so, I'm heading home." Gabe shook his head. "Don't go."
"You give me no reason not to go-" Gabe kissed her. 'This is certainly not a dream, is it?!' Trot thought. "Stay. Please." He pleaded, and took her hands in his. "Ok." She said. "I had pretty bad dreams, and couldn't sleep either." Trot headed back to the basement, and this time, she wasn't alone. She smiled.

Chapter 4: "Stay With Me- Please."

Trot spread out her blanket, and shuddered. 'What if I have another dream? I'll wake everyone...' She thought. "Goodnight." Gabe said, and went quietly upstairs. She slept, and had another dream. It was angry ice-cream cones, and- and- Gabe turned on her. She woke again, but this time, Gabe came to check on her. 'Maybe I do like Gabe...' She thought. He lay down next to her, and they both slept peacefully, absorbing each other's body heat. The next morning, while they were still asleep and everyone else awake, Trot woke to find e v e r y o n e staring at her and Gabe. "Aww, they're so cute!"
"Shhh, they're sleeping."
Trot scoffed, her eyes still closed. "Gabe," she whispered. "we have an audience." He chuckled. "Good morning, everybody." He said to the surprised crowd. He stood up, and held his hand out to Trot, who took it.

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10/06/2022 9:27 pm
Level 25 : Expert Lego Builder
Winters_Bane avatar
This is so good because im in it  because of the amazing dialougue and storyline.
10/06/2022 9:34 pm
Level 26 : Expert uwu
GracieMockingjay avatar
10/05/2022 7:51 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Wolf
TheMidnightWolfYT avatar
When do I pop into the story?
10/05/2022 4:29 pmhistory
Level 22 : Expert Procrastinator
Hello_there__ avatar
hey I know this sounds a bit rude but can I be a background character
that walks and pretty much only walks
10/06/2022 8:45 pmhistory
Level 26 : Expert uwu
GracieMockingjay avatar
10/07/2022 10:56 am
Level 22 : Expert Procrastinator
Hello_there__ avatar
If you could,
could I be walking in places I shouldn't be like the pentagon or something
If you can incorporate that into the story like:
The night was silent, not soul to be seen except for jerry unnoticed by the main protagonist (this would have no impact on the story),they the main character, pulled off the heist without a problem
10/07/2022 11:00 am
Level 22 : Expert Procrastinator
Hello_there__ avatar
sorry that was long
(TLDR, I just want to walk around without being noticed by the main protagonist, and having an impact on the story (maybe for comic relief ) )
10/05/2022 12:48 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Nether Knight
Trotelot avatar
this is weird, but I like it
10/05/2022 12:51 pmhistory
Level 26 : Expert uwu
GracieMockingjay avatar
the crypteral is my secret agent, you can be too (since your the main character)
if u want...
10/05/2022 11:22 am
Level 23 : Expert uwu
Veillax avatar
AHHH this is great!
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