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Why PMC is fine... for now.

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KirbyMaster555 avatar KirbyMaster555
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As a word of fair warning, I will probably be a hypocrite at least once in this blog, so please bear with me, here. I'm tired of people raging about the state of PMC (see? Total hypocracy right there). I have an idea as to why we have seen all of these sorts of blogs spamming our cherished Feed. At some point, around a month or so ago, some lucky PMC member got their blog about it onto the feed. Others thought, "Hey, that was a popular blog! I oughta do one, too!" And so, many people made little variations on the idea, which sprouted into many of them on our feed. Recently, a blog about how "PMC is doing just fine" made it onto the newsfeed. Guess what's gonna come in the next batch? Another one. And then another, until we see somebody make a blog saying, "Shut the &*%$ up about how PMC is doing fine! Nobody makes those anymore!". And then somebody will copy that idea, and somebody... well, you get my point. So next time you agree, don't make a blog when you only want to comment.

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