WHY U LEAD ME ON!!! * Rant *

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avatar storywolf
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It bugs me when people on minecraft go threw and offer everyone a whole bunch of stuff on there server descriptions right then you go to there server and think this server must be awesome, right. Logging on. Naming server SUPER COOL! ip typin it down cant wate to long on.
Then I get in there and I look around NOTHING THAT WAS ADVERTISED!!! Y U NO STOP LYING TO ME!!
Or a super cool looking texture pack I download it and install it then guess what TOTAL LIES!!
Perhaps a mod thats suppose to do something super cool and it does nothing or something that you didn't want!!

OR one time I log on a server and see someone saying giving cool stuff away so I go to spawn look for them find them. "ok here you go my favortist wood shovel"!!

So just please STOP LEADIN ME ON BRO!

and yes I am mad bro!
CreditMe aka storywolf crazycowcat all you leadin on ers
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