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Why We'll Never have Anything like Minecraft Multiplayer Again

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When I say Minecraft Multiplayer, I don’t mean the actual physical minecraft multiplayer servers.

We will never have anything like minecraft multiplayer again. Even on Minecraft. This is from my own experiences on servers big and small. The Minecraft community has grown so much it’s hard to find a sense of community in there.

I started off on a 24 player Minecraft server sometime in the Summer of 2011, a little bit of time before Minecraft sales exploded. It was one of the first servers I played on and it had a very strong sense of community, one you could tell was there from the moment you joined. It went down and I mainly kept to single player after that, sometimes joining a few multiplayer servers. It was brought back the year after but I could tell something was off. It wasn’t as close-knit as it was. Luckily a lot of the older players came back to it! This, again, went down and I went on a quest to find another community server.

I checked large servers and small servers, RP servers, creative servers, all types. I couldn’t find a good server with a very strong sense of community. It was mainly small groups of people (Sometimes IRL friends, sometimes old Minecraft friends) in their own chat (Thanks to HeroChat) and playing by themselves. For a player starting this is quite daunting, as you are basically playing Minecraft singleplayer on a server. There is hardly anyone who would be straight away willing to play with you, let alone mention that they’re online.

I then decided to make my own server, hoping to bring back the close-knit community feeling myself. That, unfortunately, failed. People mainly joined and went straight to building their house with barely a word. Some griefed and caused hassle. Some people, yes, were very nice and chatted a lot but it wasn’t enough to really kick off a strong community feeling. Since then I haven’t really played online.

I said we’ll never have anything like Minecraft Multiplayer again; this includes other games. Minecraft was the perfect game for this sort of multiplayer, and it flopped after big sales. Other games don’t have the setting for this kind of thing. They’re the kinds of games where you don’t have much of a chance to talk to other players, or they’re competitive so you don’t talk to the other players.

Only the players can bring back this feeling of community. It’s up to you. Make a community based server, make more Minecraft friends, do whatever you can!

All of this article was written in my point of view and from my experiences. If there are exceptions to this article, maybe I was just unlucky in my minecraft multiplayer journey. Please feel free to give you own comment on Multiplayer, but please don’t advertise your server.

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01/12/2014 5:48 am
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The old days :P
I miss those times. Since the first time I got into a good minecraft community, I pretty much stuck with them on the server I met them on, when they moved to another server and when we launched our own server. Unfortunately, most have gone MIA. But right now we're trying to bring this back on our MagmuMC server.
Goodluck and cheers!
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