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Why?! Why The Crappy Servers?!?!

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avatar CinnamonTiny
Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
Ok so all I see in todays time is a bunch of 5 - 20 slot non-deticated servers! Why do you people post these servers if you KNOW it most likely won't get popular due to todays standards. You will most likely only be able to use 1 - 4 plugins. Unless it's a private server, please refrain yourselves from reposting these servers over and over again. I've seen this one server thats been posted over and over in the past few days. I won't name names. There should be a section that is made for non-deticated and private servers. These tiny little servers that nobody even puts adequate work on their server posts are taking up the whole server list. At least put something in the descriptions and tags. I praise the people who actually put some hard work into their non-deticated server's post. I don't praise those who repetetively post their server with a bunch of BS.

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