Why would you ruin that perfectly good skin?

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avatar Endersteve
Level 40 : Master Mage
Hello my fellow PMCers, I have returned once more to bring you another skin blog. No, there is no need to get salty because it's not about the teen skin epidemic ;^)

If you're like me and you have a good taste in skins; then I have to say that I can also assume that you may like orignal skins that are out of the norm, or perhaps even just a skin of a well known figure that looks appealing. Ok fair enough because you're one of the people who cares for the use of skins and the detail Skinners go into to create a good skin. I would use some examples but last time I did that people got very, very salty and reported me because I didn't use a special someone's permission to use their skin. Boo hoo indeed my friends.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand I couldn't help but strongly notice now that more and more people are turning good, well mastered skins into (in my opinion) degrading, filthy skins. Now I know that people have the right to add things to whatever they so please; for example, my skin is a blended version of three skins however, it's not noticed since the skins are blended so well together. The skins i'm talking about are those detailed skins but with one major flaw, the hair of one colour, there's a giant unshaded tail on the back or random, poorly created things are added. One recent example of this is the "Foxy the pirate" skin created by aeropulse. People appear to use this skin and turn it into something that makes me not want to know anything about the original skin, people adding unshaded tails, adding unshaded "cool boy" hoodies or even turning the skin into a onsie. It's not just with this one skin but instead, is happening with many good quality skins (No, shaded teen skins don't count...But it's still bad to see that.) and i can't help but feel sorry for the original creators of the skins that are being turned into this. I'm sure most of them don't mind, if anything it may motivate or make them happy knowing that their skins are being frequently used. I see this as a type of "skin graffiti" where people take a good skin and draw over it without skill. (I'm not into graffiti) I've been on some websites where people claim that the skin "they created" was made by them, when you can obviously tell it's not, they just added something extra on the front or the back. 

I'm unsure on how to think correctly of this situation, again I understand people can use skins freely and make it into something "different" but what counts about this situation is that when i see a good skin, the original skin, I see that original skin much less because of the amount of people using the same skin as their own. (Turning it into onsies or whatever)

I dunno, I just felt as if something sould of been said about this, or maybe i'm just going a bit crazy, eh?

Ps, ty for pop reel m8s



04/12/2015 5:16 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Scribe
Beautiful. Just like a newborn baby.

Your blog here sums up what I feel about skins and then some. On my server you cannot even go a block without someone with anime eyes, a onesie, an unshaded tail, or a 'cool boy' hoodie.

Why can't people be orginal? The most customization people do nowadays is recoloring the creeper face on a hoodie a slightly diffrent shade of green.

Has the hive mind of Minecraft said that teen skins can be the only skins? Is it a criminal offence not to wear a tail in public? Is having normal Steve-style eyes a genetic disorder?
03/27/2015 1:36 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Skinner
I was reading the start of the blog, and then the rest, seems normal, but:

your quote: "I would use some examples but last time I did that people got very, very salty and reported me because I didn't use a special someone's permission to use their skin"

If you don't have someones premission to use their skin or skins. Then DON'T use the skin. If someone doesn't want you to use it, and you still do it, it's against the rules! You've need to respect it if someone doesn't want it! That's why it's normal to ask premissions first, like me, if I want to use a skin for my animations on youtube, I always ask premissions while it's not needed... Because I respect the people that make original content, if they say no then it is no, then I'll make my own skin, or ask somebody else!

then you're complaining about people that edit others skin, and put unshaded parts of it. don't complain about that if you don't ask premissions to others to use their skin, even if it is edited/stolen, you need to ask the original creator if you can use the skin, if they say no because it's stolen from them, then you need to also respect that, I'm now complaining on you because you are complaining about "skin graffiti" while you don't ask premissions for using someone's skin, or still use it even if they say no...
03/27/2015 3:40 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Artist
Never had that problem.

Never can imagine going through it.
03/26/2015 5:32 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Engineer
you just said that almost exactly how i would say it a very good blog indeed
03/26/2015 1:49 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Gent
At least you have the guts to say that the Minecraft community is saturated with imbeciles :P
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