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Why you shouldn't make a factions server (somewhat of a rant)

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avatar Goku_LSSJ
Level 21 : Expert Zombie
Are you tired of 4/5 servers being a faction/surival server? Servers fereilling up the list with there uncreativity and low maintence.
Well please if you are thinking of making a server...don't make it faction/survival we have enough

Reasons why not to!
  • There over populated, When I scroll thought the list of pmc servers and find 7 out of 10 servers in the list being either a faction or a pvp something is wrong.
  • There lazy! When I can finish developing a server withen 4 hours of buting it..again something is wrong I remember when servers would take months to develop and would be amazing beautiful places that looked good but ran well to.
  • They fail...I used to like faction servers a while back untill half of the ones I joined closed within 2 months of them opening  you know why they fail? 1. The staff gets bored itt's the same thing over and over again no improvments just watchign a boring server maybe including a parkour whick lasts people like 4 min every once and a while. 2. The players get bored nobody wants to play ****ing survival for 2 hours a day 7 days a week people like change or at least something you don't finish in 10min I'm looking at you skyblock

So please next time before you make a server make something cool. Maybe a roleplay? or just think of something no one else has done

NOTE: i get that a few faction servers are alright i know this but they have taken the extra mile i.e customizing mcmmo so its awesome adding some other plugin thats cool maybe a custom map IDEAS PEOPLE IDEAS!

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04/21/2014 3:23 am
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
I agree, I miss the plain survival servers from the old 1.8 days. Where everyone lived together peacefully without fear of being griefed. *Diamond*

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