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avatar snoopy222333
Level 25 : Expert Cowboy
1: Wicknights was made by me, snoopy222333

2: Wicknights is not only submitted in my channel, but also submitted on FNAF all maps + custom by lord_kevin_1

3: Wicknights takes place after the events of freddy fazbear's pizzeria simulator.

4:This is further implied through the achievement "henry's fate"

5: Wicknights' name is a combination of the map's two main foundations: The horror game Wick and the popular horror game FNAF

6: Wicknights takes place in pine creek, oregon.

7:The blue animatronic in wick nights is called "lappy lapis"

8: Lappy was made in the 1930s as a rubber hose character

9: Lappy was made by Kent-Caleb Johnson

10: Lappy's theme park "lapis world" is advertised in the back alley of the restaurant

11: Wicknights took 1 week to make

12: The newspaper article from 1924 in dave's house is a throwback to an original newspaper article from the game wick

13: Wicknights 2 is planning to have the weaver children have amor stand bodies

14: The cyan thing is planned to be featured in wicknights 2

15: The freddy's establishment is called "freddy fazbear's pizza plaza"

16: Freddy fazbear's pizza plaza is owned by Kent-Caleb Johnson studios

17: Kent-caleb Johnson was good friends with Joey Drew

18: Wicknights was originally supposed to take place in the FNAF 1 location, but I thought it would be more creative to take place in a new location with a new layout.

19: A non-minecraft version of Wicknights is currently in developement

20: The way the ghosts from wicknights haunt the player is because they see the homicidal robots as "good roll models"

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