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Will there be any Official Minecraft Movie?

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Yigit_11's Avatar Yigit_11
Level 35 : Artisan Electrician
Whenever you were on the internet, and though; Maybe i should check out some Minecraft Movies people made.
And then you are like typing: Minecraft: The Movie, what will the result be? Some Videos by people that say that they are Minecraft movies while they weren't Minecraft Movies, just some Let's Plays for an hour.
And then i wanted to see if people made posters for an Fan Made Minecraft Movie that never came.
One of them is on the top, The pic where you clicked to get here. But now i was thinking, will there ever be an Official Minecraft Movie on the make? Well, there was one that was more like an Story of Mojang. But really an way to tell Steve's Tale in Minecraft like a Movie, and with a Story. Maybe in-game, or in real life, or just as an Animation.
Well, i'm guessing sometime in the future there will be one. But if you wan't something like this then i'll hope there will be an Minecraft Movie made, really which includes the way you should play Survival Mode. Like begining with Steve waking up to him chopping wood, and someother stuff, till he Defeated the Ender Dragon on the End. then it'll be like an scene after that showing him on his real home. With maybe his parents or wife and childeren. Maybe even that he like the island called Minecraft more than his life he normaly knew. I would love to see that, but i hope it'll be more then an Hour long. So it'll be a real Movie. maybe 2 or 3 hours. I would like to see all this. But because i finally buyed Minecraft maybe someone can create a Server so people can record it. And i wan't to work with you guys then. But if it will work, well then i'm happy. But if someone is working on it and i can help. Then i'll make another Project about the Movie maybe. And maybe ask my Brother to make a Site for the Movie. Just say in the comments below if you wan't to create one with me, but god, don't add me as an Voice Actor.
That's all i wanted to say guys. I just wan't to help creating an Minecraft Movie. So, you will know. If you are working on an Minecraft Movie, just tell me. Also who will watch the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who? I will.
But just, tell me if you will create a Minecraft Movie. I would like to help. =D

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12/06/2013 1:25 am
Level 58 : Grandmaster Lad
ThatCobblestoneGuy's Avatar
For it to be an "Official" Movie, it has to be made by Mojang or permission given from them. I've tried making a minecraft movie, I may sometime in the future gather a group and work on it.
12/06/2013 10:12 am
Level 35 : Artisan Electrician
Yigit_11's Avatar
Well, allright then. Good to know.
11/22/2013 4:11 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Modder
Andrewizard's Avatar
A Minecraft Movie wouldn't be that good. I mean it's minecraft it doesn't have that great of a story even with the one you suggested.
11/23/2013 12:30 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Electrician
Yigit_11's Avatar
Well, not if you are a fan of Movies based on Games. I'm more of a Movie based on Marvel/DC fan.
But i do like an Minecraft Movie. It's just if you like the idea, and have a really long movie based in Minecraft.