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Wisdom in Warfare

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This might be my last lore story in chronological order because I think the ending wraps them all up nicely, but I'll still add more earlier in the timeline.
The grand army of Nahuata was camped outside the city of Qoschi prepared for a fight. It was exactly what Steve had been expecting, and exactly what he had feared. These armies were not warring to protect from invasion, nor to win liberty from oppression, or even to conquer territory. They were fighting because of a centuries-old feud with only a vague idea of how that feud began, though they hated each other as though it had begun yesterday. Steve knew that war was sometimes the only answer, but not this time. This war would only bring senseless violence, and it needed to stop, or two great tribes would waste their whole histories in a war many wanted but was the very last thing anyone needed.

But how? How can you end a war with no clearly remembered cause, and fueled only by the addictive nature of destruction? Steve, Vortigern, Svein, and the rest of the crew of the ship had debated this long and hard and had only a few ideas, but only practice could bring accomplishment. Someone suggested bribery, and while it was true that the crew of the ship had much to offer, bribery was hardly a certain way to make anyone keep their word. A peace treaty could work, but as only the Nahuata had a written language, the Huazca likely wouldn’t feel bound by a treaty, even if an agreement was reached. Tired and weary, Steve lay down in his bed for the night, his mind still racing with questions and possible answers. As he slipped into sleep, his exhausted brain continued to search for answers and organize information. This resulted in the strangest dream he’d had in his life.

Two opposite forces were fighting. The identities of these forces were sliding back and forth, sometimes ice and fire, sometimes light and darkness, sometimes Notch and Herobrine, and others too, but they were always opposite and always fighting. Then a concept entered the dream, an abstract idea. It too was changing, though not as much as the opposite forces were, and it was shrouded in a fog just dense enough to hide it. The concept said in a voice that transcended time, identity, and location: “It does not need to be this way. Opposites need not fight, though they can only realize it on their own, or through persuasion, never force. The most effective persuasion is by example, and the most effective example is the fight itself. Remember that always.” Then the dream faded and Steve awoke.

Steve knew a way now, though it was not certain, and it certainly was not easy. He called together a meeting of the generals and strategists of both armies, and Vortigern to translate to Tresadan, and Izel to translate to Nahuata and Huazca. Steve addressed the group saying: “I will not force you to stop fighting, for you yourselves have shown that even the strongest effort can be in vain. But I will offer my earnest advice: Look to your past, and see how you have wasted it. This war has brought you nothing. Do you think it ever will? Now consider the future, and the circle continues. Cities and empires are capable of great things, in war and in peace, my ancestors have lived this truth for millenia, but it is equally true that war for war’s sake will never bring great things, only fear for the future, death for the present, and shame for the past. Do not fight until all your men have heard these words. When firmly believed and followed, they bring fairness and prosperity, as they have throughout history, and they can only do the same for you.”

The Nahuata strategists had written down Steve’s speech. They valued wisdom and agreed to distribute it among their men. The Huazca general decided it couldn’t hurt because his troops were so devoted they would never change their minds. As the city defenders, they couldn’t be expected to forsake their city. The Nahuata Troops saw the Wisdom in Steve’s words, and many agreed that war was not the answer anymore. Negotiations continued for years after Steve and the crew sailed home, and the next generation of warrior tribes was taught that war wasn’t the only answer.

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01/03/2020 8:43 pm
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Good enough to be an actual paper book
01/03/2020 6:20 pm
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I love it! It’s a wonderful conclusion!
01/03/2020 6:34 pm
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