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WisPer Story
  One night WisPer was out in the Forest of Darkness and saw a bright flashing light."what the hell is that" WisPer said squinting his eyes looking at it. WisPer walked closer to the strange light, what was causing the light was a wolf. the wolf looked up at him. "who are you" the wolf yelped. WisPer looked down at the wolf. "I'm WisPer," WisPer said carefully, "why are you glowing?" The wolf look at his paw, "Oh God I am glowing" the wolf yelped. The wolf looked back up at WisPer. WisPer didn't like the sign of the wolf glowing, so he walked away back to his lonely little village and looked at all his WisPeains. The wolf scrambled away laughing "I got away with it" the wolf laughed.

  The wolf found his village. "at last I found him" the wolf laughed. The wolf jumped down into the village jumping everyone. "I'm here for WisPer" the wolf growled. "why do you need our king," one of the WisPeians said. WisPer's Wolf ran to his owner. "WisP a glowing wolf is here for you" his dog called to him. WisPer got out of his throne and remembered what happened yesterday. "That damn glowing wolf," WisPer said grabbing his trident and his WisPer crest. he put on his crest and walked outside.

The wolf walked over to WisPer "I see your ready" the wolf howled. "ready for what" WisPer laughed. The wolf jumped on WisPer and bit him "ahhh" WisPer yelped. WisPer pulled the wolf off and pinned him to the ground with his trident. the trident glowed. "die glowing monster" Wisper laughed as lightning came out of the sky and killed the wolf.

ps: I'm not a story writer I just made this up
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