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WitcherCraft. 7 Minecraft Mods About Magic And Witches

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The world’s most played game has won millions of hearts due to its great gameplay. Minecraft was made in the way that allows the gamer to feel freedom and creativity. As it grew in popularity, the possibilities of playing new and new scenarios (game mods) became close to endless, and now a huge community of fans creates more and more mods for the favorite game.

Sky trees and ground level (Y=85)

There are so many options, but we think one of the most fascinating ones are the mods about witchery and magic. If you like wonders or have ever been into reading stories like a book about witches from Salem, these mods will definitely grab your attention. We are going to list and describe just some of them to keep you interested.
  • Zelda Magical Rods & Rings
These are two mods ready to give you a lot of entertainment. With magical rods, you can get six custom charm wands to Minecraft. You can use such cool effects for mobs as “frozen” and “electrically stunned.” The rods are obtainable with custom crafting recipes. Doesn’t it sound fun and exciting? What about having eighteen unique rings? Four differing rarities that can power you up, giving you fire resistance in lava, for example. Have real fun searching the rings and becoming stronger.
  • Magical Bows
A great tool for the survival mode! Craft 5 unique bows and fight your enemies with ease. Set fire with the fire bow; freeze mobs in place with the ice bow; the lightning bow will help to damage mobs; a powerful explosion can be created with the help of a bomb bow; in extreme situations use the light bow to kill mobs.
  • Magic Meter
May seem useless at first, but helps a lot to track the amount of magic you’ve got for a map-making, for instance.
  • MineBlade
A sword with special abilities will be available to you: spam clicking, being invisible, fireballs, lightning bolts, and more. Download and check all the cool tricks.
  • Witchery mod
The whole magic universe is here. Voodoo, circle magic, symbol magic, conjurations, and mutations are the disciplines included in this mod. It’s full of action, and the one with great imagination may feel the atmosphere like “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller. Players here can perform rituals, brew potions, collect fumes, learn to control magic and even summon creatures like witches and demons.

Witchery MODS For MineCraft PE screenshot 3
  • Magic wands
5 magic wands are an additional secret item. Interested? Fire wand will shoot projectiles which create fire; wind wand can break wheat; withering wand is able to turn crops into dead bushes; powerful explosions are created by a destruction wand, and - that special tool - lightning dust - will summon a lightning strike!
Magic Wand doing quite a damage

  • Shadow Legacy
An adventurous magic mode where you’ll have a bunch of things to do. It’s a research-based system that includes a mix of solving mirror puzzle mini-games and task completion. You’ll be able to perform alchemy rituals here and even customize your spells. Look for artifacts, power-up and much more!

We could rumble about other numerous magic mods available, but this would take too long. The ones we mentioned are already enough to give everyone the idea of how huge the game is. No wonder it grew into something much bigger - the community of fans that truly love the idea and are ready to contribute in its development by creating more and more mods - not only magic ones, of course.

What is your experience playing Minecraft? Which mods are your go-toes? Have you used any of the mentioned here? Or maybe you are ready to share your favorite ones with the rest of the fans right here? Comment, share, exchange, and dig even dipper into the endless universe of Minecraft!
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