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Wolf + Chest = Awesome Pet

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ZoraFire avatar ZoraFire
Level 14 : Journeyman Explorer
Hello my fellow Minecraftians!

In a world that you have worked so hard on, where you forgot about bringing torches or a useful item along your journey. But "Oh no!" Your house is too far away from your coordinates! You log off until you have the guts to start a new world. When you log back on you see that there is a new update for Minecraft. While you read, something catches your eye that says "+ Added Saddle Chest " You look for the snapshots showing the icon of a chest laying over a saddle that you can put on your dog! Never again will you just have to rely on your dog for fighting. You can also rely on them for having those extra torches from your buddy in those tough singleplayer worlds.

Today I thought up an idea that could be implemented to Minecraft! Like in the introduction, I mentioned that if Notch and Mojang add chest saddles, it would be a beneficial element to having the first portable chest without rails! You may think saddles are hard to find, but having one could also mean riding a pig, or placing a chest on it in a crafting recipe (If this gets to the real updates) and putting it on your dog. Sure, dogs can teleport to you with the chest, but when was the last time you found a saddle?

S = Saddle | | C | |
C = Chest |St | S |St |
St = String | | | |

I really hope that you guys will like this or even take this into consideration. :)

Finally, dogs will be more useful. Finally, we can craft with saddles. Finally, we will have more space for torches!

Be a flame! ~ZoraFire

(P.S. Wow thanks you guys! I've honestly didn't think to get 30 views. :/ But thanks for just looking at this post! :D)

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12/28/2012 7:22 pm
Level 23 : Expert Modder
scribblemaniac avatar
Neat idea, dog slavery.
12/18/2012 2:51 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Pokemon
buffalo98 avatar
I love it <3
12/18/2012 5:25 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Explorer
ZoraFire avatar
Thx! :D
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