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Woodhaerst: A Medieval City Project on a 10k/10k WorldPainter Map

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Hi everyone! Geet from Geet Builds here. If you recognize me, then there's a really good chance you saw my 10k/10k map a couple of weeks ago! And with nearly 600 downloads, you may have even explored around the map yourself! Which is absolutely amazing, and I'm so glad that such a large number of people have been able to take part in something that I originally thought only I would ever see.

the 10k/10k map

So after a couple of weeks, an unholy amount of hours, and enough coffee grounds to support the entire Columbian agriculture sector on my own, I've finally made a small dent on my first big city project! I present to you:

Woodhaerst Overhead

Woodhaerst sits quite securely on the largest hill in the southern grasslands, right by the snowy mountains dividing the Rohan-inspired fields in the West from the canyon badlands to the East. I've been building the city in small, manageable bites that still somehow feel as big as an entire meal. I've really only completed one of these sections, the main road leading into Woodhaerst and ending in the first major market, but I've made a bunch of headway into completing the Merchant's Quarter as well. For all you architecture and history buffs, I'm building in a fantasy-influenced medieval German Gothic aesthetic, which in small words means a ton of half-timbered buildings with stone bases.

First Major Market

As you make your way into the city, the first square you'll come into has a bakery, a fishmonger, and a tent selling general goods surrounding a long-dead oak tree. It uses about 1 million different custom heads and was a huge pain to make, but the screenshots are worth it. The area is cramped and alive with porter-carts carrying barrels of goods into the market and stalls lining every available space to peddle their goods to people taking a walk along main street. It's a left past the bakery to the Merchant's Quarter, and on the way you'll pass the definitely-not-Globe-inspired-please-stop-saying-it-looks-like-the-Globe Theater (I hate the Globe, and could rant for days about how ugly I think it is).

Theater in the Round

By far the biggest building so far in Woodhaerst, the theater has 5 individual tiers on the inside, with a fully designed stage, orchestra pit, and room for enough people that every person reading this article could come and bring a plus-one. The theater has 2 entrances, one for the players and one for general admission. My personal favorite part of the building are the 4 awnings that shield the inside from the bright grassland sun. Across from the theater is one of the very few buildings in Woodhaerst so far with a completed enterior: the bookstore.

the bookstore's interior

I love this bookstore. Built into the side of a hill, it features 2 layers crammed with bookshelves and tables featuring all the great books you spark-noted instead of reading in high school. So many, in fact, that they just started piling the books onto the floor haphazardly. Major tripping hazard. While crafting this interior, I had in mind all the cozy small town bookstores I remember combing through when we were all allowed to go outside. The spiral staircase leads from the top floor to the bottom, where in the bottom left there's a section for the store owner to sit and collect payment. When leaving the bookstore from the top, you might notice a door hidden behind some tall grass and very suspiciously placed banners, guarding something we all dabble in from time-to-time: criminal activity.

the black market

The Black Market. Even a city as warm and inviting as Woodhaerst hides a seedy underbelly. Join some of your local evil-doers for a pint after a long day of thieving on the top floor, or buy a sharp object to murder a Llama trader with on the bottom floor. The black market has 4 different market-stalls, a room for a loan-shark overflowing with gold, and a bunker with a map of Woodhaerst for someone planning their next heist. Exiting through the back door, you'll come out beneath the general store and find yourself in another small city square.

the general store

With some carts, a well, and a puppet stall inspired by that one weird scene in Shrek, this square is basically the end of what I've built so far. There's another tiny market in the corner, along with a tall building that is something like a trading hall or meeting place for merchants and guild-masters. None of these buildings have interiors yet, since right now I'm mainly focusing on getting the buildings up and then worrying about whats in them at the end of the project. I hope you enjoyed reading this, and if you want to see more, I've got a couple videos up on my channel where I walk around the city and talk about the project so far! Let me know if you enjoyed reading this, and I'll post another blog in a couple weeks when I've got enough made to write another blog about! Peace.

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09/11/2022 8:33 pm
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when will this be released?
11/27/2021 10:44 pm
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Can i download the map ?
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