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World edit poly selection (easier building)

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  1. Switch to the poly selection mode by doing the //sel poly command.
  2. Place
    blocks at the corners of your to-be building. You can add as many as
    you like to make a more or less complex shape! Make sure one point is
    somewhere in the air to set the height of your building (use the //up
    command to easily place a block in the air).
  3. Do //set to fill
    the shape in, or //walls to fill just the outline. I like to do both –
    set with dark wool to black out the interiors, then I add walls!
  4. To
    finish the walls, you can add windows and details to the bottom floor
    only and “//stack <amount> u” to duplicate that floor all the way
  5. The //sel command will clear your current selection, allowing you to select a new polygon somewhere else.
  6. Use “//sel cuboid” to go back to normal world edit selection! One cube, two points, no complex polygons.

World edit poly selection (easier building)

Full tutorial on blog: WORLD EDIT Poly Selection tutorial for easier building – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG

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