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World Full Of Lies

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avatar Holographic_
Level 37 : Artisan Warrior
My Name Is Yumi. I Am 16 Years Old, Have A Calm, Serious, And Tough Personality, And I Live On The Planet Epsilon Novus 3, In The City Zhepfield. I Wear A Gas Mask, And Always Have My Hood Up, But my Planet Is Very Similar To Your Planet, Earth, Except... This Planet Is Made Of Lies, Built On Lies, And Runs On Lies. They Expect Everyone, And Everything To Believe Their Lies, And They've Almost Done That. Almost. I Don't Believe Their Lies, I Know They're Just Cowards Trying To Make Up Lies So Everybody Will Stay Calm. I Am Calm, But I Will Not Stand For These Lies. I Looked Out My Window, And Saw Our Blue Sun Flaring More Than Usual. I Sighed And Turned On The TV, What Lies To Cover Up This? "Don't Worry Everyone, Everything Will Be Fine, The Sun Is Just More Flaring Than Usual, I Assure You, There Is Nothing To Worry Or Panic About. This Is Just A Normal Phenomenon, Calm Dow-" I Turned The TV Off, Stopping The Lying If One Of Our Leaders. I Couldn't Bear Watching The People Believing Their Lies. Today I Had To Speak Up. Even If This Was The End Of The World, I Had To Do The One Thing I Wanted To Do For 10 Years. I Ran Out My House, My Emerald Green Hair Flowing Behind Me, To Where The News I Had Just Been Watching Was Being Filmed, City Hall. I Squeezed Through The Crowd, My link and Yellow Eyes Darting Between Place To Place. I'd Just Have To Find A Way To Get Their Attention. I Looked Up At The Sun. Wasn't It Farther Away A Second Ago? I Had To Let These People Know Right Now, Just As I Said, Even If This Is The End Of The World, I'll Finally Do The Right Thing. "People!" I Shouted. Nothing, Too Much Noise. "PEOPLE!!!" I Shouted At The Top Of My Lungs. Everybody Stopped, And Turned Towards Me. "Listen, Our Leaders? Their LYING!" I Said. Everybody Gasped. "Look at The Sun, It Was Farther Away A Second Ago! And Look At That Flaring In It, Does That Seem Safe To You!?" I Shouted Louder. Everybody Looked Up and Shook Their Heads, In A Silent But Understandable "No". "Our World Is Made Of Lies, Built In Lies, And Runs On Lies." I Said What I Always Said To Myself. An Explosion. I Turned. The Sun Was Getting Closer Faster. Very, VERY, Fast. It Started Consuming Our Planet. It Was So Close To Me, Scorching Hot. But I Didn't Run. I Spread My Arms Out, Wait For It To Come, I Finally Did The Right Thing. Now I Can Rest Happily. The Sun Was Simply Inches Away From Me, And All In An Instant, Everything Went Black. I Wasn't Alive I Knew, This Blackness Was Very Calming. I Saw My World Being Destroyed, All In A Second. That Was How My World, Was Destroyed, The World Full Of Lies.

Her Has Mask And Hold Would Look Like This:
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