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Worst / Best Biomes in Minecraft! (In my opinion)

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AnonymousMinecrafter avatar AnonymousMinecrafter
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
In this post I will be listing my favorite/least favorite biomes. Both categories will be in a list of 5 each. (Remember, this is my personal opinion, don't be mad if you disagree with me)

Bad news first? Or good news first?

Bad News.

5. Taiga Plains.
I just don't like this biome, It's open, flat, has little to no plant life from the snow, and whenever you try to make a farm the water just freezes! I have once walked for 2 hours only to find oceans and taiga plains in my way.

4. Deserts.
It's simple, no trees, annoying cacti that have no use, and no dirt anywhere to make a farm on. The only thing I like about this biome is the rare pyramid temple, and even those mostly have rotten flesh in them.

3. Swamps.
Ugliest grass in the game, annoying lilypads that break your boat, huge 1 block deep water spaces you have to cross, and annoying vines. But I do like the addition of mushrooms being more common in swamps, and witch huts are kinda useless to be honest, unless you make a farm out of them.

2. Jungles.
Sure, jungles do have some nice looking grass and have the addition of alot of useful stuff like, cocoa beans, watermelons, and jungle temples! But, thats not worth the tradeoff of trying to build there! And the wooden planks you make out of jungle wood, one of the worst blocks in the game! It takes hours trying to clear out all those huge trees. You have to jump over shrub after shrub and just getting to point A to point B makes you lose half your hunger bar! I avoid jungles at all costs.

1. Oceans
You probably all saw this coming. These beasts can span over thousands of blocks and have little useless islands here and there. If you have ever had to endure any ocean in minecraft, you know what im talking about.

Good News!

5.Roofed Forest
I really like the roofed forest because of how you can easily cover ground by running ontop of the trees, and also the addition of huge mushrooms, but the main reason I like the forest is for the wood. It's one of my personal best blocks in the game, and I currently use it in alot of my builds.

I like the savannah because its flat and has a nice grass color. I also LOVE the trees, the wood color is okay, but the design of the trees is amazing.

3.Mushroom Island
I adore the mushroom island because of its rarity, and the addition of monsters not being able to spawn, it's like a safe haven for all players. I like the mooshrooms as well, they are really creepy but in a cool way.

2. Redwood Forest / Mega Taiga
I love the grass color in this, and the addition of pure dirt being implemented into this sort of environment, oh its amazing, and then there are the mossy cobblestone boulders scattered around the place, that just makes it even better, and I like the way the trees are super tall and don't look ugly. (Sorry jungle trees)

1. Mesa
The thing that makes the Mesa biome the best biome in my opinion is the way that the blocks mix so well together to make something of a natural sort of beauty. If you just look at it compared to other biomes it tops all.

Thank you all for reading, If you did like it, leave a diamond!

Honorable mentions:

Ice Spikes biome
Extreme Hills
Flower Forest
Sunflower plains



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12/11/2013 1:50 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
Destian_ avatar
Most of what your talking about is prior 1.7 or are just give no sense;-" lilypads that break your boat"
-"can spawn over thousands of blocks" that is the sense of oceans ._.
-"no trees, annoying cacti that have no use, and no dirt anywhere to make a farm on" that is the sense of deserts + cactis have a use
12/10/2013 9:25 pm
Level 44 : Master Robot
jiraph52 avatar

Old Biomes = bad

New Biomes = good
12/10/2013 5:01 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Toast
JustAnotherCrafter avatar
Pretty much all of the biomes you put on the bad list are my favorites, and all the 'good' biomes are the worst, except for mesa and mushroom island. And why isn't ice spikes the #1?! it's the best biome ever :D
12/10/2013 2:59 pm
Level 25 : Expert Lumberjack
MrWizard1234 avatar
Really? At least half of the biomes on the bad news list are awesome. Deserts have more than just desert temples, and at least 4 out of five times you get diamonds from those. The swamp has large quantities of clay, sugarcane, and wood, plus the witch hut with pre-crafted wood. Jungles have huge amounts of wood, ocelots, and supplies, plus the jungle temple made of rare mossy cobble. Even the taiga plains can be used for a map or fun survival challenge. Also, what Wolf_paladin said.
12/10/2013 12:52 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Archer
erthe7the7w8trw avatar
Well,some biomes are good,you just don't know HOW to survive in each biome.
5-Cover the water 1 or 2 blocks above it and it won't freeze.Get some plant's growing to breed animals
4-Bring some dirt saplings and seeds,and start a garden.Make yourself a sandstone house.
3-Collect lily-pads and build bridges.Lot's of bridges.
2-Build you house on top of a tree.Use vines to get up and down.
1-Some people like the challenge. Especially for underwater houses.It's a lot like skyblock when you build on an island.
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