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Xilocraft | Fallout Themed Server | Review

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avatar Maloy
Level 33 : Artisan Dragonborn
Xilocraft is a unique and dedicated Adventure / Factions server that is themed on the popular franchise 'Fallout'
Sometimes I find it hard to leave because I never run out of things to do.
IP : xilo.mcpro.co

Why is it unique?
XiloCraft is unique because of the constant fun regulars we have and the staff that run it.
Mature staff are always available to help the players whenever something goes wrong.

Unlike large servers where you don't even know who the Owner is, the Owner is constantly active and very friendly with the players.

New plugins are being added everyday, and the quest plugin is really awesome and deep.

Things are balanced, so that diamond armor isn't invincible because of the gun strengths, and guns are relatively cheap so most can afford them.

The specially generated map is also really nice and beautiful, and a vault like spawn that players tend to hang around and do business in.

Quotes from satisfied players:
"This server honestly has such a great message and they really enforce their rules fairly and evenly. I wish that there would be more people on here to share my experience with them. It's been a good time and I'm excited to keep playing ;)" - caatzdude

"Really nice staff and great people on the server! Love coming on and seeing everyone working together with their factions. A new server but a great team of developers that can make it phenomenal!" - sohnnyjmasher

Things to look forward to

  • Radio / Jukebox plugin
  • Daily updated quests
  • McMMO
  • Signshop
  • Factions
  • Hardcore Mobs
  • Balanced Fun Guns !
  • Wildtp
  • Stunning fallout themed landscape
  • NPC's that talk, offer tips, ask for help, and sell items!
  • A Fun non-toxic community with lots of fun players
  • Obtainable ranks
  • Shops and player made shops
  • Spawners !

IP : xilo.mcpro.co

IP : xilo.mcpro.co

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