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Yet Another Skin Tutorial! Part 2 -- Hair

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avatar hephep
Level 17 : Journeyman Dragonborn
Now that you've finished your face, you wanna start with your hair? Well, let's figure out how to do it!

First, we're gonna figure out what kind of colors we want for our hair. The shading style I use usually shows the most of the second lightest color, so take that into consideration.

Now that we have our colors, we're going to begin the process of shading our hair. I usually begin with these 4 strands in the darkest color.

Then we fill in a few blanks with the second darkest color. This may be a bit difficult to see because of the color choices, but you should be able to figure it out from the last pic.

Now we're gonna keep filling out the next colors in the palette...

Until you've got something like this!

Then we add in the highlights and go over them in another layer.

Then you're gonna keep doing pretty much the same thing on the sides, but make sure to leave that everything in front of the ear blank like in this example.

Now we're going to get started on the top. Use the second darkest color and draw a few strands.

Keep filling out the colors and highlights.

And now...
The part you've all been waiting for...

Remember that space you left? We're gonna fill that out now.

Then go back to the hat layer and get started! Make a little outline of the bang shape you want.

Then you shade in the bangs! I honestly haven't got the hang of this myself, really. I just mess around until I like how it looks.

Then I draw over all of the highlights in the hat layer, and draw over the bottom bits too (except for the corners)

Make sure you've done all of that on the bottom of your head if you haven't already!

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