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YogBox 1.8 Mini

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Mayz avatar Mayz
Level 48 : Master Bunny
Hello Everybody!
Today Ill Be Telling You About
THE YOGBOX!!!!....1.8 Mini

For A While Now I Have Been Using The Yogbox Mod Pack And I Have To Say Im Very Impress By
The More, You Know, Minecraft You Get Out Of It. FOR ONE Its Very VERY Entertaining And It Gives Your Player More Options To The Game And Its Not That Glitchy Ether So Yeah, Think About it.
Now Just Putting It Out There This Is The 1.8 Mini Which Means It Doesn't Have As Much
Super Duper Fun Stuff As It Did In Yogbox 1.7.3 But It Will Get Updated Maybe Around When
Minecraft 1.9 Comes Out, Which ,Im Guessing, Will Be Very Soon So Let Me List SOME Features Of It And Ill Give You A Link To The Page Where You Can Download It!

LINK TO YOGBOX:(copy & Paste In URL)

Some Mods In The YogBox:

Inventory Tweaks by jimeowan

Pfaeff's Mod (CORE)

Millenaire by Kinniken

Somnia by MALfunction84

ModOptions API by Clintonxa (CORE)

GUI API by Lahwran (CORE)

Mo' Creatures by DrZhark

DaftPVF's mods (Slime Boots, Score, Starting Inventory, Treecapitator, Crystal Wing, Web Generation) (CORE)

Risugami's Mods (ModLoader, AudioMod, Death Chest, Shelves, More Stackables, More Arrows, Recipe Book) (CORE)

Airship (CORE) by Pchan3

-Texture Packs Include And They Look Awesome!

Thats All Forks! Lol Forks

Credit...........SAY WHAT?!

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10/01/2011 10:50 am
Level 48 : Master Bunny
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Thanks For Reading
12/26/2012 7:25 am
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how does this have -1 diamonds? lol
07/18/2014 7:39 am
Level 20 : Expert Artist
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Yup how?
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