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You there!Yeah you!Do you think 1.9 was a good addition to MC?And why is that?

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avatar CrazyChicken1
Level 25 : Expert Button Pusher
Hello,let's get to the subject.1.9 just got out and YOU will tell everyon if you think it was a good addition or not.But tell us why!How would it be if everyone came and said"It is a good/bad addition".What would this blog do for you then?
I want to hear everyones opinion because i'm really curious to seewhat others think.

Tell me if you guys want my opinion too.Nah no need i'm gonna tell you now.

Pros:-Cooldown is really interesting but you must get used to it.For some this is a Pro or a Con.
-Shields are a real nice addition to this.If you have one say bye bye to skeletons."Bye bye!"
-Some mobs are more detailed now.
-Wings.That says everything.
-Vast variation for arrows.When i say that i mean HUGE.
-In my opinion now it is a bit harder.I feel like mobs do more damage.Maybe is just me i don't know.This can be a Pro or Con.
Cons:-As i said mobs can be pros or cons,as well as cooldown for weapons.

Other:So in my opinion this is an interesting update for minecraft.Is a hole new combat sistem.Oh and some things for your own knowledge:
-Boats are crazy on water.
-As dps hoes are the best.....yeah hoes you heard me

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05/04/2016 7:30 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Warrior
I'm still getting used to 1.9, its just a little clunky to me. I don't like the way combat has changed, however, but as I said, still getting used to it :P

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