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You're Deranked Harry: The Goblet of Chickens

The Zensea Mines

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avatar Miescha
Level 16 : Journeyman Modder
( previous blog - first blog )

Hello again! Today was a very big day for me on the Collegi Pixelmon server, not so much bugs wise but gameplay wise! Many things happened! For those of you who don't know why I'm rambling, this is my blog where I detail out daily (well, hopefully daily I'm going back to school soon) the progress I'm making as I play as a normal player on the server I have built. Yes! I have stripped myself of owner permissions and privileges to play a survival game of Pixelmon modded minecraft in order to search out bugs in the server. So far I've actually caught quite a few permission errors, so it's been going well so far! And I'm 10% of the way to my c500,000 goal to earn HM Fly!

Okay on with the fun!

Today was SUCH A BIG DAY! I have an actual house, I finished my pumpkin pie farming, doubled the amount of money I have, and so much! Okay, I need to chill and take it one at a time. Let's start with the house!

So I absolutely hated the one I was living in before. It was tiny, it was cramped, I didn't have storage space, and it was just generally a mess. So of course I had to do something about it. But before I could, I had to completely flatten a hill that used to be my island. Ahh, terraforming. What I would have given to have world edit for just five minutes. Instead, it took half the day. I probably removed four DCs of dirt and stone. It was gross. But with that done I was able to use the birch wood to construct a two story. much bigger, and much nicer house.

Now, I love the color blue. So of course I wanted prismarine floors. We have the infinite mines, right? Well one is Zensea Mine, which contains prismarine and all its forms, sponges, gold and ice. All submerged in water. It's gorgeous. And difficult to maneuver in. But the challenge was worth it because I was able to get all the blocks I needed and was then able to pop over to the ore mine for some shale for the roofing.

Now, in building the house it of course needed an elevator. It has two floors! But when I went to put up the sign that says [Lift Up] like we do, I was informed in my chat that I wasn't allowed to make that kind of sign. Right. Listen, I can make any kind of lift sign I want. Of course, before I could I had to fix the perm...

I fixed it. And installed an elevator. Cool. That was the only bug I found today which was awesome! I should check the [Gates] soon. Oh! Although I did forget to mention that the Aetheria World hub (basically it's spawn where the portals to the infinite mine and forest as well as Erde and back to Collegi are) wasn't properly Safe Zoned. So I had to do that today as well. That just consisted of being owner again for a moment, claiming the land and switching back. Otherwise, anyone would be able to break and build in that common area of the server. Not good.

Finally, I had a nice place to live in. Now I could focus back on earning money towards my new HM. The pumpkin pie farm was good, but it would definitely be bigger. Bigger means more pies and more money! So I extended the glass chicken coop (goblet?) and started breeding more chickens. Pretty soon I had a stack of eggs every few minutes, and realized that my sugarcane crops couldn't keep up. So I extended those too. And then excavated a second floor underground to grow even more. There is suddenly a LOT more space to farm in now that I was able to flatten the land I was living on. And because in the Zensea mine there are full gold blocks, I can use those as well to get money quickly, even if they are a pain to find in the mess of prismarine.

I paused here, not only to let my pumpkins regrow, but also fix some configs that were bothering me. First off, there was a teleport warm up when going to spawn, but not for any of the warps. Which just seemed... odd. You could warp to export, which is at spawn, instantly. But not to the spawn point itself. So I adjusted the warmup times for warps in Nucleus's configs. I also stumbled across the config that allows for crops to be trampled. And BOY was I sick of wild pokemon landing on my crops and destroying them. So that got changed too. (Shh, don't tell Zyra. I was only supposed to fix the warmup.)

After that it was a quick trip back to Zensea Mines and then export. I hit my goal and got to c56,342! I'm a bit over a tenth of the way to my HM!!! Such a good day. Lots of work done!

(Also, we got a new player on! They're very nice, and I hope they stick around. <3)

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