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Youtube Series Ideas!

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Hey guys, my name is Sam, and me and my friend Nick run a YouTube channel called MyRedneckKoala! We have about 650 subs and 110 thousand video views in just under three months, we are also partnered with the network, SocialBlade. Much of this success has come from the series we have called "The Many Uses Of". Because there have been over 25 of "The Many Uses Of" videos, we are starting to run out of ideas! I have already started a new series explaining efficient ways to do many things in Minecraft.

What we need are ideas! If you would like to help us come up with an Idea please comment on a good possible topic!

This is a "The Many Uses Of" video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaEzCJHMopM

This is a video in my new series, "How to Efficiently":

We have also already done a Lets Play, so please don't suggest that: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8AyRTLPIStTU3jnclu3Uhi3s8t4fJWZh&feature=plcp

Just some ideas for a good series would be FANTASTIC. I hope you guys come up with something good, we are thinking as well! Thanks a lot to everyone who comments in advance! If we do choose your idea we will give you credit, obviously!

Happy Thanksgiving as well!

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