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Zackbar Post (Project Review)

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zachbar avatar zachbar
Level 14 : Journeyman Skinner
Ok so its Zack here with another Zackbar Post and today i am going to be talking about an AMAZING project made by inHaze. InHaze is an extremely amazing World Editor, and to any of you who have downloaded his maps, you will know what i mean. In this Project there are waterfalls, tree homes, trees that are oh I don't know, 50-100 blocks tall! But yeah, back to the big ass waterfall, you have the strength to get to the top? Well all that strength drains away as you make a boat or just go idiot style and leap off the waterfall, and when i say tall I mean niagara falls tall, Climbing to the top took me 10 minutes, and because I am so smart, i spent another 5 looking for a tree to cut down and make a boat out of. This is an unbelievable map and I want you guys out there to download some of his maps. Please comment and if you give me the name of your most favorite custom map I can write a review about it. Thanks have a great day :D

Overall Rating: (5 Apples, an Excellent Project)
CreditinHaze, TheAssTroll, Casey

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03/18/2012 4:32 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
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wheres the download
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