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Zenobia (Love Poem Contest)

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Selections from “The Balm of Syria: The Song of Zenobia”, along with selections from “The Regidice of Odenathus: The Madness of Ashur-ben Hamal”


Palmyra, an empire of beauty
An empire of the damned
It shall be lost to the ages
Lost to the shifting sands

“My dear, sweet lady Zenobia
I pray someday you’ll understand
Deep down? I feel nothing
And now they’ll all be damned”

The queen thereof was Zenobia
The balm of the Syrian waste
‘Tween Ctesiphon and the Bosporus
A woman of wealth and taste

“I tried to make you see me
A man who loved you complete
I thought that without your husband
I wouldn’t have to compete”

Her husband Odenathus ruled
King of the Palmyrian lands
Til the assassin’s blade found him
And death took his hand

“I killed your man Odenathus
That you would beholden to me
But instead you took your vows
A pillar of light and chastity”

She took from her son full regency
Ruled Palmyra with fairness and strength
Built an empire that rivaled the Romans
In scope and size and length

“So I dealt with Emperor Aurelian
I brought his legions to bear
So that I could bring you to Rome
To hold and love and care”

She provoked the rage of Aurelian
Her empire grew too broad
The legions poured from the Bosporus
To pillage, raid and maraud

“Oh, don’t look at me that way

You know I would kill again
Just the thought of your visage and beauty
A balm in the destruction of men”

Seventy thousand stood with her
Against the Roman legionnaires
The desert winds bring the scent of death
Life and death laid bare

“None of this had to happen
Odenathus would still be alive
Now I’m a traitor and a madman
Remembered as a regicide”

The legions go back ‘cross the Bosporus
Leaving thousands dead and in pain
Now the fire will devour Palmyra
With the balm of Syria in chains

“So, give yourself to me
Take my hand, I’ll take you away
I will love you, my lady Zenobia
I will love you, my lady Zenobia”

Palmyra, an empire of beauty
Left smoking and grossly profaned
An empire left in ruins
Its queen never seen again


The History of Zenobia, Odenathus, and Aurelian


Cheers all, this is my entry for the Love Poem contest. I thought about writing something normal, then I thought "nah". So here's a historical epic poem about a fictional man who fell in love with the queen Zenobia. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 371 words.

CreditLost, and my brother

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