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avatar Zexanima
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Z Daily Blog

To fill time and takes breaks from reading forums and scanning through code I've decided I'll do a daily blog on the mods I'm working on and how they are coming along. Today, being it's the first blog I have a treat for you loyal fans.(At least I like to believe I have some fans.) By request I've been working on a 'Space Chicken' mod. I know it sounds kind of strange, but a request is a request. Included in it will be space chicken (New models completely, not same as the old chickens), space chicken food, invasion lever, and yes you can ride the space chickens. Depending on how I feel after this, there may even be randomly generated space chicken 'mother ships'.

What you see in the picture is what I have done so far. It may look funny coloured right now because it's texture is just a template, but that's a space chicken! I still have a ways to go though, I haven't added animation to them so at the moment they just kind of slide around and you can't ride them yet. All in good time though. On a separate note, I'll also be working on another mod to be released today as my *daily mod challenge with any luck. A vending machine mod! It was suggested by Ima on my mods suggestions topic here. Now no grantee it will be up today because I haven't even started yet, but unless something unforeseen happens it should be.

Now let me let you let yourself in on a little secret that lets say is letting itself around. Grappling hooks have been made before, a while back. One could just so happen to wonder onto my mods section one of these days. Who knows!

**EDIT: Turns out I'll be releasing my Kamehameha wave mod tomorrow ,not the the vending machine.**

Please be sure to visit my page and check out all my mods and subscribe here!

Add any suggestions you may want me to do here!

*My Personal Daily Mod Challenge of Yesterday: Annihilation Blood

*My daily mod challenge is a personal challenge where I try and release at least 1 GOOD mod a day.

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could you make my mod? i posted it on here as a blog its called a cool mod idea please make it!

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