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Zil - Half-Elf Wizard

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Theodoor avatar Theodoor
Level 46 : Master Vampire
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Personality - Zil is a clumsy, introverted, socially awkward, bookworm, She does terribly in social situation and would much prefer reading in a cozy nook with a 700 page-thick book thank you very much, Despite her social awkwardness and clumsiness she is a great companion who is willing to protect her friends, she is very naive due to her low wisdom score what i wasn't too worried about it and often needs a member of her party to keep her from walking into scams.

Flaws - Due to her social awkwardness she has a tendency to unintentionally insult people because her mouth sometimes comes before her brain, she also has a tendency to stay near dangerous monsters to analyze and study them proof her wisdom roll was low XD  she often always wants overly complicated plans instead of easier plans.

Ideals - She is always looking for more knowledge and more information, after studying under a famous wizard (until he sent her home because he found her too clumsy and awkward) she has found beauty in nature and wants to protect it as much as she can

want more info? comment for more!
(I have yet to figure out her backstory so dont ask 'bout that)

CreditPicrew generator, Fated charcter maker ; made by Edidensan (think I spelled that right)

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