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Zombie with Golden Armor (World Generated)

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Hey Hey Hey's Avatar Hey Hey Hey
Level 51 : Grandmaster Toast
No, this isn't a mod. It was world generated. I dont know if this came from the udate or whaever, but i was just walking around and all these zombies and burning up, and normally that happens, so i didn't really pay attention to it. So i keep walking an i see, far away, and little golden thing. I walked up to it, it turns around and BAM...It's a zombie. It's not burning, nothing is happening to it, he's just chillin'.

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02/17/2013 1:58 pm
Level 21 : Expert Lumberjack
Aeons's Avatar
That's because he has a helmet on.
11/09/2012 11:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
lynnngo's Avatar
i aready know that duh! -_-