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Hidari and Migi

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"In a land where the Deepshade Forest dominates almost everything, people from all races and backgrounds have scoured the forest for the secrets of are rumored to lie underneath its soil. But only few know of the truth behind it and the Outposts scattered around... and fewer of the legend of Hidari and Migi."

DMPCs (Dungeon Master Playable Characters) || Characters with player stats that are essential to the plot

Pho Fiel (she/her) | A bubbly teenager who often wanders the world with her drake. She and her grandmother are looking into the legend of Hidari and Migi. A fairy ranger (subclass: Drakewarden).

Hoshi Mumuura (she/they) | An elegant woman of unknown origin. She journeys with the party around the world. A water genasi druid (sublcass: Circle of Stars).

Yume Yoruomoi (they/them) | A bright and innocent person of Feywild origins. Often travels between Outposts, fending off monsters. A tortle cleric (subclass: Twilight).

Tenshi Darumoko (he/him) | A mute teen who often lurks in the shadows. He is a member of the shadowy organization of Akuma. An aasimar rogue (subclass: Soulknife).

"Sekhem" (she/her) | A mysterious child with incredible power. Butterflies often congregate around her. She remembers very little of her past. A half-elf sorcerer (subclass: Divine Soul).

PCs (Playable Characters) || The main cast of the story

Vila (she/her) | A kind and creative young guild artisan. She left her guild to become the best artisan that has ever lived. A fairy bard (subclass: College of Creation).

Advari Trefas (he/him??) | A quirky performer who found himself being taken in by a ranger group after being exiled. A human ranger (subclass: Beast Master).

Spade (they/them) | A lawyer who once follower their god as a cleric. When their god turned corrupted, they defacted but were forced to return to them when turned into a warlock unwilling. A kenku warlock (subclass: Hexblade).

Zetari (she/her) | A tiefling of unknown background. No one's quite sure what she does, but she joined the group at Spade's request. A tiefling rogue (subclass: Assassin).

NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) || Characters that help progress the story

Dr. Jessila Scorcha (she/her) | A human researcher and the adoptive grandmother of Pho. She is looking into the legend of Hidari and Migi, which may explain the paranormal occurrences happening lately.

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