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This is a collection of User Created Custom WORLDS. Custom Worlds [to me] mean the world is "Blank" and ready for you to build on. The World would not contain custom-made buildings, ect. The map may or may not contain Minecraft Generated Villages, that all depends [I believe] on the map-maker. Worlds come complete [generally] with mountains, hills, lakes, rivers, and plains to build on. Worlds can also contain beautiful and secret places to explore that regular MC cannot give you [yet] - Caves, Tunnels and Caverns may or may not be present again that is up to the map-maker so make sure to read the maps description - some texture packs may not be supported. Back up your world often.

DISCLAIMER: These are NOT of my own making- so as always please be kind and seek out the original artist before using any of these in a public manner

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