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The Ossuary of Quapla_, aka RedshirtMiner and VivaLaVulcan

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Level 32 : Artisan Scribe
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This is an archive of posts that I believe do not accurately reflect my abilities now. The material here is either poorly written/skinned, part of a fandom that I am no longer a member of, or just plain cringeworthy. I have not deleted them for XP purposes, as a majority of them make up a good chunk of it, and deleting them all would send my account back several levels. As such, I will no longer update them, since the time it would take trying to restructure these in a more mature format would be a waste of time, and I would rather devote said time to to making a whole new story or column.

You are welcome to read/use these for a good laugh, or for a masochistically cringeworthy fanfiction binge.

Enjoy (or Warning: Cringe Ahead, depending on what you're here for).


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