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In the Twilight World, some nomads built a village long ago, but left because of some unknown natural disaster. The people who built the village built it because of the natural floating star shrine, which they went to every day to worship the star god.

       When the people first settled the village, they found a jungle nearby. When they explored the jungle, they found one tree that was twice as tall as most other trees. They built an observatory around it to worship the star god.

       Not long after the people settled the village, they found really rare materials in the ground nearby. With the materials, they built a tower to test people and see if they are qualified to become a priest. The person must climb up webs of ladders and bring a star to the high priest to become a priest.

       As soon as the people finished building their houses, the decided to explore the surrounding area.  One of them, named Jarmik, found a "cut in the earth", and told the others of it.  When he came back to it, he found that rare materials had fallen from the sky and landed in the cut.  He quickly went back to the village again, and told the people that the star god had blessed them with many materials.  They all rejoiced and praised the star god.

       Before the people built houses, they had to get food somehow, so they found a natural spring nearby and built a farm.  One day when Ziya was harvesting crops, a huge explosion knocked her over.  When she regained consciousness, she saw fire all over the farm and ran home to tell her brother, Jarmik.  Ziya and Jarmik ran to the farm and saw that the fire was all gone, but there was a crater in one side of the farm.  In the crater there was an extremely rare material, which they named "Endstone", because it brought an end to most of the farm.  The soil of the farm was no longer suitable for growing things, so they mined the Endstone instead.  The people thanked the star god for the blessing of Endstone.

       In the golden age of the village, many legends were spread, although no one knows who spread them.  One of them was about the spring near the farm.  It is said that at the source of the spring there are great riches, yet there is even greater danger.  With the legend came a warning, "Some things are better left unseen."

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