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Blog Contest : "Herobrine Mythos"

written by Ludicrous & Zath

Goal: Create a Herobrine Mythos

After a few hours of scribbling on his supposed survival guide, Steve realized that he had a few extra cobblestone blocks deep in his inventory and climbs back out into the crisp evening air. As he tried his best to return his home, he heard footsteps behind him that did not seem like they were of this world, mostly because they sounded human. Steve turned his head as he caught a glimpse of a human figure. It wore the same clothes as Steve, had the same skin tone as Steve and even the same hair. However, the one thing that set it apart from him were the eerie white eyes it had. A split second later, it was gone. Steve was dumbfounded. As Steve finally reached his home, he quickly tended to his books and began a research on what he witnessed. But he could only find one thing that related to what he saw: the name 'Herobrine'. After a few more hours of reading his books, Steve found many accounts of other people encountering this said Herobrine.

Your goal is to create an original story that pertains to encounters and the hauntings of the myth of Herobrine through the use of text and images created solely by yourself. You are also free to use videos and sound clips made by yourself to further immerse the readers.

You may use image editing software (Photoshop, GIMP) to create graphics in order to entice your readers but you must primarily use text in order to illustrate your points. This can be text within an image graphic or text being inserted in the PMC text editor.

Rules & Notes

1. Judging Criteria

1) Concept and ingenuity

For this contest, you should try to come up with an original and unique idea. You are free to get as wild as you want with your ideas, so long as it follows our rules and makes sense. You will be judged on the concept and ingenuity of your entry, so try to come up with something new and interesting.

2) Quality and presentation

You will be judged on the quality of your writing and the presentation of your idea. For higher marks, your writing should be detailed and rich, but it should still be able to keep the reader and judges interested.

Clearly lay out your blog and consider using images, videos and concept art to help illustrate your story if you want, but keep in mind that any images used do not directly aid your entry in the judging period.

3) Structure and cohesion

To gain top marks you must ensure that your guide is well-thought out and shows clear structure with no grammatical mistakes. Your writing style and fluency plays a big part in the marking and the judges will be on the lookout for entries containing little other than perfection.

2. Ideas must be original and for this contest.

Do not use images, text or videos created by other people. Art commissions for your thumbnail and music to listen to while reading is alright, just as long as there are no copyright issues. Keep in mind that neither your thumbnails or music will be judged though.

Do not use existing ideas created by other people or yourself in a previous blog. Your story must be new and original for this contest.

You may use both images and videos to help you illustrate points, however the marks are awarded based on only the written word within your blog.

3. One entry per person.

Each user will only be permitted to submit one blog for this contest. You may edit your one entry as long as the contest is still running. If you decide to change your submission at any point, you are free to do so. However, you should not delete your original entry. Instead, use the "update submission" button to save the changes.

4. The contest will run for three weeks.

Post dates must be made after today's date, May 6th, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST. The contest will end about three weeks from today, on May 27th, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST Posts submitted after this date will not be accepted.

5. Take your time and have fun!

Remember, you have weeks to do this. You don't need to put something up right away - and even if you chose to, you're allowed to update your submission as many times as you want before the final close date of May 27th, 2016 @ 12:00 PM EST.

All of the normal rules of the site still apply in this contest.

Do not rush yourself to get something in immediately. This contest is not a random drawing - the submissions are judged by a panel of judges. It will not help you to submit anything less than fantastic, so take your time. If you notice that other users have submitted something better than yours, edit and update your own submission to make it even better!

Submit a blog like usual but check the box indicating it's for the contest.

1st Place

2nd Place

  • A Contest Themed, Silver, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
  • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week.

3rd Place

  • A Contest Themed, Bronze, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
  • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week.

All Participants

  • A Contest Themed, Pixel Art Badge/Medal for Member's Profile Trophy Case.

Phase #1: Entry Period : ~3 weeks

This is the time that everyone has to create and submit a contest entry. During this time, judges are reviewing entries, anonymously voting and disqualifying those that don't meet the contest requirements. The PMC community is doing the same by giving diamonds, feedback, etc.

Phase #2: Review Period : 2 days

After submissions are closed, judges get 2 additional days to review late entries and cast their final votes. Their votes are heavily weighted in an algorithm that includes the community's votes and activity to determine the finalists.

Phase #3: Finalists Calculated : Judging criteria

After the finalists are calculated, judges begin anonymously rating each entry based on the criteria listed above on a scale of 1-10.

Once the site detects that all judges have cast their ratings on all finalists, the winners are announced.

Judges will be encouraged to participate, but will be disqualified from winning prizes.
  1. Masq
  2. CrazyPigglet
  3. ImaLittleCreeper
  4. Ludicrous
  5. Jetra
  6. Torm
  7. Knightsunder
  8. Zatharel
  9. Ash

Legal Terms

By participating in the event, participant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and regulations and the decisions of Planetminecraft.com are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this event.

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