Project 2048 | Space Exploration Build Contest : Now Complete!

Congratulations to the winners and participants of the Project 2048 | Space Exploration Build Contest!
We received 76 entries!
Each and every one of you will find a custom contest token on your member profiles.

Stay tuned for the next contest!

Contest Theme

Project 2048 | Space Exploration

It's 2048. Earth was rendered uninhabitable by the human species and we were forced to look for answers to our survival within the stars. Our scientific research focused on utilizing energy within space to discover innovative methods of space exploration. After many of years of research, we developed a system to harness the energy within stars to power interstellar portals! It is the dawn of space exploration for human kind. It is time to map the unknown of outer space and its galaxies in search of our future.

For this build contest, keep the scenario of Project 2048 in mind and build something in Minecraft. You are free to build everything from portals, moon bases, intergalactic space vehicles, planets, entire galaxies, extraterrestrial beings, alien terrain and the unknown. Together we'll map the stars and share our findings.

This build contest theme is part of Meraki's Project 2048 creative community collaboration. There is a larger story playing out. You can be a part of it!

forum Official Forum section for Project 2048

Check the prizes in the description below for details.

Rules of the Contest

These rules may change between contests, so please be sure to read them carefully in case they are different from the previous ones! Failure to comply with these rules will result in the disqualification of your submission and/or being banned from the contest entirely.
    • Your build must be 100% original content that is not an old creation, whether of yours, your teams or someone else's.
    • You can build with others! We aren't limiting this contest to 1 creator only. Gather your friends and build together!

    • Post to own account. If you're a part of a team, that's fine but the team shouldn't post and credit you. It causes unnecessary confusion, casts doubt on the validity of the entry and credibility of the contest. Let's avoid the drama.
    • 50% or more of the images are unedited in-game screenshots.
      • This means NO mod aid. Including shaders and optifine.
      • This means NO image editing help such as photoshop.
      • A screenshot is only unedited if a moderator could download an official vanilla client and by using the same minecraft settings can replicate the screenshot.
      • This is to maintain a reference point and ability to compare renders & edited shots to what it actually looks like in-game.

    • You must use the default texture pack in the unedited images. This is a build contest, not a texturing contest. Judges will also be reviewing your builds in the default texture pack.
    • Presentation is very important! Add lots of screenshots, write something about your work, maybe give some description of your building process and in general take the time to present it to the community and judges to increase your chances of making it to the finalists.
    • You may not use any tools that produce an output for you. Building aides are allowed, but don't let a program do the main work for you (3D model converters, Pixel Art Generation, etc).
    • Must build in vanilla Minecraft latest release or below. No mods that add third party content! Judges will also be judging the submissions in vanilla Minecraft. Any foreign blocks will be discarded from the final judging.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where's the starter map?
    There is no starter map. Just make sure the build you conceptualize fits the theme.

    Is this SOLO or TEAM contest?
    No. It's an open project contest. If you'd like to work with friends, you can. However, you will need to work out with your friends who gets to post it and ultimately who will get the prize should the group effort win. We don't want to discourage people from working together. We tried splitting project contests into team/solo and feel it's sending the wrong message. We're trying open project contests again.

    Contest Process & Judging

    During the entry period, entries will be judged by a panel of your Planet Minecraft peers. We'll be assembling a team of individuals to judge; don't worry if there aren't any yet, they will be added soon!

    During the first phase, judges will be reviewing builds, disqualifying entries that break the rules and diamonding posts that they like. Remember that judge diamonds are worth a lot! The community is also viewing, diamonding, reporting and influencing which entries will make it into the finalists. Once the build period is up, the contest will enter phase two.

    The second phase consists of 5 days of review; the judges will go over the entries and find any missed rule breakers. Everyone will have this time to diamond and view more of the entrants before the site will calculate the finalists.

    The final phase involves the judges judging all of the finalists, which are calculated based on an aggregate score of activity and votes.

    You will be judged on the following aspects, on a 1-10 inclusive scale:
    • Concept & Originality : Fresh, new ideas and crazy concepts! Try to do something new, differentiate yourself from the status quo and show us what you're made of.
    • Technique & Execution : Color, shape, texture - be sure your build flows together and represents what you are trying to accomplish.
    • Presentation & Experience : Presentation of a build can really help to make an impression. Be sure you've got good screenshots, spend some time on the post!

    Step 1: Create a map and have fun! You have a little over 3 weeks to build! You do not need to immediately post a downloadable map with your submission. You may post it any time before the entry deadline.

    Step 2: When you're ready to post, head back to your Minecraft saves folder and zip the map folder. Windows users can right-click and Add To > New Compressed Archive; you may also use a third party program such as WinRAR or 7zip.

    Step 3: Go to the Create New Project page on PlanetMinecraft and upload your map as normal! Be sure to take many screenshots to show off the interiors.

    Contest Prizes

    1st Place
    • $200 Steam Gift Card Credit! Gift cards will be sent to your Steam account. Must have a Steam account to claim prize, no substitutes.
    • A Contest Themed, Gold, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
    • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week+.

    2nd Place
    • $100 Steam Gift Card Credit! Gift cards will be sent to your Steam account. Must have a Steam account to claim prize, no substitutes.
    • A Contest Themed, Silver, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
    • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week+.

    3rd Place
    • $50 Steam Gift Card Credit! Gift cards will be sent to your Steam account. Must have a Steam account to claim prize, no substitutes.
    • Contest Themed, Bronze, Pixel Art Trophy for Member's Profile Trophy Case.
    • Profile Featured on PMC - 1 Week+.

    • A special pixel art finalist medal in your profile trophy case

    • A special collectible pixel art participant badge in your profile trophy case


    Legal Terms

    By participating in the event, participant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and regulations and the decisions of are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this event.

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