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We're now in the final judging phase!
The site has computed the finalists based primarily on judge diamonds and then community diamonds and other statistics. Judges will now anonymously rate the finalists based on "Concept & Ingenuity", "Quality & Presentation" and "Analysis & Reasoning". It may take several days depending on judge availability.

Once all votes are cast, the site will be ready to calculate and announce the winners. Stay tuned!

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Tales from the Nether

Writing Prompt by Chiaroscuro

Every year in the village, the rebirth and rejuvenation afforded by spring thaws would arrive early, driven by the undying warmth of the Portal. Through rain and snow, the Portal rumbled on, faithfully giving off its gently warming glow so deceptive of the world on the other side. This year, however, things were different. The last dregs of winter desperately clung onto their last breaths well past springs scheduled appearance, leaving the atmosphere burdened, almost comatose in its frost-laden heaviness.

And in the night, strange sounds echoed through the mercifully-empty streets, bestially fantastic growls that kept some awake throughout the night. The villagers had dealt with zombies, skeletons, even creepers before. But no, this was something wholly different.

It was not difficult to see what was causing this disturbance. The Portal, once the steaming beacon of warmth amidst the biting cold, barely gave off enough to melt the snow that had never before accumulated on its worn frame. Even though the villagers had learned to stay far away from the world on the other side of the Portal, a search party was quickly formed to try to discover the cause of this sudden change in its behavior. Yet, despite all the adventurers tales and cautionary parables that had been told regarding the so-called Nether, no one was prepared for what lay on the other side of the divide.

Basic Contest Theme Concept:

Write a tale from the Nether. This means base your story on or around the Nether in some way. With the latest Minecraft Snapshot(s), the Nether is getting a significant update. We think it's a good time to capture some of that excitement and wonder in a writing format. Consider exploring the latest snapshots for inspiration, environments, characters, etc.

Rules & Guidelines

1. Judging Criteria

1) Concept and Presentation

Your story should be unique, interesting and keep your readers attention. Often times concepts that are imaginative, original or even strange are more interesting to read than concepts that follow more traditional and predictable concepts. That said, you have as much freedom as you need in your writing provided you follow the given theme.

Story presentation can help capture and maintain your readers attention. Consider the format of your writing including paragraph spacing, use of bold/italics or even colored or different text sizes. However, don't go overboard. You don't want the formatting to distract from the writing itself.

In addition you may consider adding images or concept art to help illustrate your story. Keep in mind however that your writing content is still the most important part of your entry.

2) Quality and Technique

You will be judged on the quality and technique of your writing. Your writing should be free from grammar and spelling mistakes, rich in vocabulary and establish and make use of a writing voice. If you're writing in the first person in one paragraph, you shouldn't switch to the third person in the next. The quality of your writing affects your readers' ability to stay engaged with your story. Consider having someone proof read your writing!

3) Immersion & Characterization

For this criteria, your writing should help readers feel connected to your characters and immersed in the environment that you're writing about. If you allow your readers to feel connected to the characters then we're going to care more about what happens to them next. Describe the environment and atmosphere to help draw us into the world itself. Try to find a good balance between detailed writing and allowing the reader to imagine the rest.

2. Ideas must be original and for this contest.

Do not use images, text or videos created by other people. Art commissions for your thumbnail and music to listen to while reading is alright, just as long as there are no copyright issues. Keep in mind that neither your thumbnails or music will be judged though.

Do not use existing ideas created by other people or yourself in a previous blog. Your story must be new and original for this contest.

You may use both images and videos to help you illustrate points, however the marks are awarded based on only the written word within your blog.

You're free to write as much or as little as you need for your personal writing style. There is a general 350 character minimum on all blogs.

3. One entry per person.

Each user will only be permitted to submit one blog for this contest. You may edit your one entry as long as the contest is still running. If you decide to change your submission at any point, you are free to do so. However, you should not delete your original entry. Instead, use the "update submission" button to save the changes.

4. The contest will run for three weeks.

Post dates must be made after today's date, March 3rd, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST. The contest entry period will end on March 23rd, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST. Posts submitted after this date will not be accepted.

5. Take your time and have fun!

Remember, you have weeks to do this. You don't need to put something up right away - and even if you chose to, you're allowed to update your submission as many times as you want before the final close date of March 23rd, 2020 @ 12:00 PM EST.

All of the normal rules of the site still apply in this contest.

Do not rush yourself to get something in immediately. This contest is not a random drawing - the submissions are judged by a panel of judges. It will not help you to submit anything less than fantastic, so take your time. If you notice that other users have submitted something better than yours, edit and update your own submission to make it even better!

Submit a blog like usual but check the box indicating it's for the contest.

First Place

  • $50 Steam Credit; games will be gifted to your Steam account. Winner may choose more than one game but the total must be $50 or less. Must have a Steam account to claim prize, no substitutes.
  • A special gold, first place trophy in your profiles' trophy case
  • Profile featured on PMC for 1 week

Second Place

  • A special silver, second place trophy in your profiles' trophy case
  • Profile featured on PMC for 1 week

Third Place

  • A special bronze, third place trophy in your profiles' trophy case
  • Profile featured on PMC for 1 week


  • A special finalist medal in your profiles' trophy case


  • A special participant badge in your profiles' trophy case

Phase #1: Entry Period : ~3 weeks

This is the time that everyone has to create and submit a contest entry. During this time, judges are reviewing entries, anonymously voting and disqualifying those that don't meet the contest requirements. The PMC community is doing the same by giving diamonds, feedback, etc.

Phase #2: Review Period : 2 days

After submissions are closed, judges get 2 additional days to review late entries and cast their final votes. Their votes are heavily weighted in an algorithm that includes the community's votes and activity to determine the finalists.

Phase #3: Finalists Calculated : Judging criteria

After the finalists are calculated, judges begin anonymously rating each entry based on the criteria listed above on a scale of 1-10.

Once the site detects that all judges have cast their ratings on all finalists, the winners are announced.

Judges will be encouraged to participate, but will be disqualified from winning prizes.
  1. CaelChan
  2. Chiaroscuro
  3. Cib
  4. JediJerboa
  5. Aequotis
  6. rupert
  7. striker107

Legal Terms

By participating in the event, participant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and regulations and the decisions of Www.planetminecraft.com are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this event.

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