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1.17 Cauldron Brewing + Custom Potion Brewing!

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Ardesian avatar Ardesian
Level 40 : Master Slime Tamer
This datapack adds the ability to brew your potions through cauldrons- the way it was meant to be and should have remained!

Brewing potions works very similarly to how it does in vanilla with just a couple small differences.

How to Brew:

  1. Start off with a cauldron full of water.
  2. Mix (throw) a Blaze Rod into the cauldron. The cauldron will begin to bubble.
  3. Add your ingredients one by one. The cauldron bubbles will begin to reflect the items added.
  4. When your potion is complete, use an empty bottle (3) to collect your potion.
  • A potion can only be brewed in a FULL cauldron of water. If it is not full, the ingredients will not be transmuted.
  • If water is added back into a semi-full cauldron, the potion will be diluted and revert to plain old water.
  • Blaze Rods will be randomly consumed in 1 of every 40 uses, which is roughly the same number of uses in vanilla. Otherwise the rod will be waiting for you at the bottom of the cauldron.
  • If a bad ingredient is thrown into the cauldron, your potion will spoil and you will be left with a Mundane potion. This happens even if you use the correct ingredients in the wrong order. Alchemy is a sensitive thing!
  • Splash, Lingering, and tipped arrows aren't something you'd do in a cauldron, so to make those things, take the potions from the cauldron and add them back to the brewing stand to apply effects to the bottle. It's definitely possible to add this, but seemed more in-universe to leave these inside the brewing stand.
Custom Potions:

There is a note inside the datapack instructing you on how to add a custom brewing recipe. Note that this is only for adding the ability to brew the potion. Implementing custom effects is outside of the scope of this datapack.

Recipe Changes:

The recipe for Potion of Leaping is changed to instead use a Slime Ball since Slime is more "bouncy".
A recipe for Potion of Luck has been added and uses a Rabbit's Foot. Note that Luck currently only affects fishing.
These can be easily reverted to vanilla if desired. I didn't do so as I feel this makes more sense, but will provide upon request.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

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12/19/2021 3:55 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Crafter
Sgottk avatar
Hello, i noticed a bug, when you mix redstone + glowstone ( a thing that would cause an illegal operation) and try to fill a bottle, you indeed recieve a mundane potion bottle, but you also recieve the potion of the inicial buff that you mixed (glowstone or redstone). I think i found the root of the problem, it´s into data/cauldron_brewing/functions/cauldron/brewadditive.mcfunction
Line 70

When an illegal mix occours it add the tag ''mundane'' but don´t remove the previous tags, namely, it gives to the cauldron two tags (the previous before the addition of the second buff [ (glowstone or redstone) ]) + (mundane)

10/25/2021 11:45 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MinerBruh avatar
really cool
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