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1.17 raw blocks smelt but it takes longer

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    Kerzinator_24 avatar Kerzinator_24
    Level 29 : Expert Modder
    This Datapack adds 3 new smelting recipes:
    a block of raw iron/gold/copper to a the respective blocks of that type.
    basically you just have to smelt it once instead of 9 times, but you have to use a blast furnace and it takes 9 times as long.
    There is also a version where it doesn't take 9 times as long so it's as fast as ingots: [CLICK HERE]

    How to download:

    When you click on the link to download, it will redirect you to a website.
    Wait 6 seconds, and then click on the top right corner 'skip'
    Ignore everything else on the page.
    You will then be redirected to the download link, click on download, and you're done!
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
    toMinecraft 1.18

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    07/20/2021 12:00 pmhistory
    Level 1 : New Miner
    CrazySunPlayz avatar
    I wanted the slower one, waited six seconds, skipped, got redirected back to planetminecraft and nothing downloads.
    07/20/2021 1:41 pmhistory
    Level 29 : Expert Modder
    Kerzinator_24 avatar
    yes, it redirects you to the planetminecraft page of the slower one (and you commented this on the page of the slower one)
    Planet Minecraft


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