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[1.18] Hunters and Runners - Track players with a compass

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Hunters and Runners

This datapack is similar to Dream and GeorgeNotFounds manhunt/speedrunner vs videos
Made for Java Edition 1.18




The closest Runner to the Hunter will be tracked by default. Drop your compass to view a list of runners to track. Multiple Hunters and Runners are supported. Runners can be tracked in the Overworld, Nether and End dimensions.


View settings/select a team:
/trigger hnr.information



Drop your compass to see a list of Runners to track.
list example




Can only be changed by ops

Show Runner last position

    • When enabled, the compass will show the last position the runner was located before changing dimensions.

    • When disabled, the compass will show as if there is no target when the runner changes dimensions.

Rename compass to match Runner:

    • When enabled, the compass will have the same name as the Runner currently being tracked.

    • When disabled, the compass will be named"Tracking Compass"

Nearby Runners should glow:

    • When enabled, Runners within 15 blocks of a Hunter will glow.

Nearby Hunters should glow:

    • When enabled, Hunters within 15 blocks of a Runner will glow.

On Runners death:

    • Do nothing, The Runner will be able to respawn as normal, nothing will change.

    • Become Spectator, The Runner will be changed to spectator gamemode.

    • Become Hunter, The Runner will be move to the Hunters team.

Runner headstart timer:

    • None, you will all be positioned nearby, and the hunt begins immediately

    • 10, 30, 60s, The Hunters will be given blindness and unable to move for the specified amount of time.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

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