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9 new weapons with Custom Crafting Recipes including new items

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Required Resource Pack
Vam3n's Avatar Vam3n
Level 39 : Artisan Robot
This minecraft datapack, adds 9 cool new weapons to the game. Each has its own custom crafting recipe, with again new items to obtain. Every weapon has a special ability. This works on single player but also multiplayer, so you can play this awsome weapons even with (or against) your friends.
Those weapons are:

  • Lava Sword
  • Blaze Wither Sword
  • Staff of Lurkers
  • Squid Sword
  • Snow Sword
  • Staff of Fire
  • Poison Sword
  • Mace
  • Ancient Bow

Crafting recipes:
Lava sword: 1 Obsidian, 2 Lava Fragments           -       Drop crafting
Blaze Wither sword:                    -       Crafting Table

wither skull

wither skull

blaze rod

Staff of Lurkers: 5 shulker shells, 1 shulker box, lurker of a shell -       Drop Crafting
Squid Sword: 1 stick, 2 Super Ink Sacs             -        Drop Crafting
Snow Sword: 1 packed Ice, 2 Super snowballs         -       Drop Crafting
Staff of Fire: 4 Lava Fragments, 2 blaze handles, 1 Fire Ball    -       Drop Crafting
Poison Sword: 1 Stick, 2 Poison Heads              -       Drop Crafting
: Husks                        -       Drop
Ancient Bow: 3 Ancient Strings, 3 Ancient Sticks Must be done on a working sculk shrieker!   Drop Crafting


Lava Fragment: 10% Chance when killing Magma cubes
Lurker of a shell: 5% Chance when killing shulkers
Super Ink Sac: 3% Chance when killing squids
Super Snowball: guaranteed 2 in each igloo chest
Blaze Handle: 5% Chance when killing Blazes
Fire Ball: 1.67% Chance when killing Blazes
Poison Head: 5% Chance when killing cave spiders
Ancient String: 1-3 in ice boxes (can be found in ancient cities)
Ancient Stick: guaranteed when killing the warden
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.19

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11/28/2022 4:46 am
Level 42 : Master Birb
Ethan_Triff's Avatar
Hey think you forgot to put Poison Sword on another line in the description! Just saying. :)
11/28/2022 7:07 am
Level 39 : Artisan Robot
Vam3n's Avatar
oh right. Thanks for saying that!