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Abilities Pack 1.19 (Origins Mod Inspired Data Pack)

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Required Resource Pack
zeropt's Avatar zeropt
Level 37 : Artisan Carrot
This is an Origins Mod inspired data pack for 1.19. Players can choose from 12 abilities that modify gameplay in various ways.
  • Axolotl
  • Bat
  • Blaze
  • Dragon
  • Enderman
  • Evoker
  • Fox
  • Guardian
  • Iron Golem
  • Shulker
  • Spider
  • Stray
Refer to the table in the image gallery for a list of pros and cons.

Any player can select an ability using the command:
/trigger pick_ability

Those with op can remove an ability:
/execute as PlayerName run function abilities_pack:admin/clear_ability

Many ability features can be operated using the activator item placed in the first slot of your hotbar. If you have an item in that inventory slot, the activator won't show up until the item is moved or removed.

Here's how to use the activators for the various abilities:
- Sneak while holding to play dead
- Right-click when in water for a speed boost
- Hold to fly
- Right-click to give nearby entities glowing
- Right-click to launch into the air
- Right-click while shifting for a dragon breath launch
- Right-click to cast the fang spell
- Right-click while shifting to cast the defensive fang spell
- Right-click a blue sheep for the sheep spell
- Sneak while holding in the shade to nap
- RIght-click for a speed boost
- Sneak while holding for thorns
- Right-click for the guardian laser
- Sneak while holding to close shulker shell
- Right-click pointed at an entity to shoot a shulker bullet
- Hold to climb
- Throw spider webs
- Shooting normal arrows inflict slowness on the target
- Place power books in the slot to upgrade the bow

Use this data pack with the default resource pack or with the wands resource pack:

On a PaperMC server, the allow-non-player-entities-on-scoreboards setting has to be set to true for the axolotl playing dead feature to work.

I hope you enjoy this data pack!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

3 Update Logs

Tweak Dragon Ability : by zeropt 12/19/2022 3:29:18 pmDec 19th, 2022

Tweaked the Dragon ability
  • Removed base armor points
  • Set base HP to 24
  • The damage cloud now uses the Wither Effect and deals damage at a slower rate but now also damages undead mobs
  • Gliding at least 10 blocks will give the player Strength II until the glide is finished

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03/08/2023 3:15 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Architect
Shroombot's Avatar
You should make the item you use placed in the offhand instead of the mainhand
03/03/2023 10:28 pm
Level 23 : Expert Toast
LintyRobin_YT's Avatar
what does hold mean?
12/21/2022 11:39 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EnderZorro's Avatar
можно что-то сделать, чтобы обычные игроки, у которых нет ОП, не видели и не могли выбрать способность?
12/23/2022 9:00 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Carrot
zeropt's Avatar
I haven't designed the datapack to be used this way but in general, if you want to lock someone out of selecting an ability, you can use this command:

/scoreboard players set PLAYERNAME ability_id -2

If a player already has an ability, use the clear ability function on them first and then run the above command:

/execute as PLAYERNAME run function abilities_pack:admin/clear_ability
/scoreboard players set PLAYERNAME ability_id -2
08/25/2022 10:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RiRep's Avatar
I have some suggestions that you should add
For the axolotl:
The speed boost should be constant but the ability should allow them to jump high out of the water
The boots and helmet should leave you inventory when you put on different boots / helmet but should transfer over the enchants
They should be able to deal more damage when near fish or after eating fish
For the bat:
I fell like they should be able to rest like the fox but they need to be on a ceiling and can stay there
They should get more health and strength at night
They should do poison or wither when they hit someone
For the blaze:
When someone hits them they catch on fire same when they hit someone
They should have 26 hearts
They should get feather falling and be able to control if it is active
For the dragon:
The jump think should make you jump 20 to 35 block in the air maybe even more (you could make it so that the longer that they shift the higher that they go)
The dragon breath should be like a splash potion or like a ghast fire ball with how it is shot
The dragon shouldn't take damage from the dragon breath
The dragon should be able to shoot enemies up into the air only when they hit someone while flying
They should get strength 2 when flying
For the enderman:
They should get speed and strength when some looks at your face or if someone looks at their face the person who look at them would get slowness and weakness but you should be able to toggle it on and off
They shouldn't take damage from ender pearls
They should get less health or else they are to op
For the evoker:
They should deal double damage when using and axe (i know they are vindicators but i feel it would still work)
They should be able to spawn a ravanger and ride it
I don't think they should have swiftness
For the fox:
They should do more damage when under something
They should take no fall damage
I don't know why but I feel like they should be able to have potion affects for twice the time and keep it when they die (only good effects of course)
For the guardian:
They should have a jump boost when on land (cause they flop on land)
For the Iron golem:
They should shoot mobs higher into the air
They should sink in water as if it was just land
They should have water breathing under water
They should get better deals from villagers
The poppy should do something
They should have a stomp ability that damages all around them and shoots them into the air
For the Shulker:
They should be able to teleport on command
They shouldn't be able to jump when in closed shell
When below 25% health they should get some sort of attack buff
For the Spider:
They should be able to climb on ceilings (i know they cant in the game but it would be cool)
They should give poison when they hit someone
The night buff should be 100%
For the Stray:
They should get some sort of buff when on snow or in snowy biome
They should somehow be able to have different bows, a flame bow, a punch bow, and a power bow, and maybe a grapple bow
You should also just add more combat origins, or update old ones to be more combat focused.
You also need to make the blaze WAAAAY better cause right now it is one of the worst origins.
You should add the phantom origin because that is my favourite and there is nothing like it right now
I do love this pack but there are some fixes needed
08/25/2022 10:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RiRep's Avatar
and maybe instead of phantom origin you could make like a vex origin that could could through walls and stuff
08/25/2022 10:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RiRep's Avatar
also golems should take no fall damage
08/24/2022 11:18 pm
Level 27 : Expert Warrior
NuggetBoy64's Avatar
also i think it would be better if the ability slot was in the offhand
08/25/2022 1:34 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RiRep's Avatar
or just make it so that u can move it
02/12/2023 11:56 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JUzefor's Avatar