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Ace's World Generation Overhaul (shattered biomes and more!)

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    aceplante avatar aceplante
    Level 23 : Expert Explorer
    A massive overhaul to many of the overworlds biomes!

    A full list!

    -Removed lava pits/falls from forests, jungles, swamps, dark oak forests, and most other tree-filled biomes to reduce the likelyhood of natural and unavoidable wildfires.
    -Mushroom Islands now have the unique water tint exclusive to bedrock edition!
    -Most biomes now have something different and unique. Swamps now have all their trees generate like large oaks and also generate large mushrooms like on bedrock edition (which doubles in the swamp hills variant), Jungles now have custom tress and generate more dungeons (plus now spawn cave spiders), ALL modified biome variants now generate like the shattered savanna biome (so I made the shattered savanna even more shattered), mushroom biomes have more geodes and axolotls, taiga biomes/mountains have more pillager outposts, bees respawn naturally in flower forests (plus zombie villagers are three times more likely to spawn and creepers cannot spawn at all), zombie villagers are FIVE times more likely to spawn in dark forests (plus vindicators can rarely spawn here too), badlands/variants will have more mineshafts, rivers are larger/deeper, deep ocean biomes have more shipwrecks, and all ocean biomes can no longer spawn any hostile mob other than the drowned.
    -Oh, and animals are now biome exclusive. Wild pigs and chickens can be found in most biomes, cows can be found roaming the plains (in larger numbers than before), rabbits in forests (but not dark forests), sheep in mountains, and you will find more bats in swamps and jungles. Horses, llamas, and goats will spawn as normal.
    -Salmon will only spawn in rivers and frozen oceans, cod will spawn in any other ocean variant, and squids now spawn more frequently in deep/colder oceans (and no longer in rivers).
    -Diorite spawns more frequently in birch forests and stone shores, andesite in deserts, clay in both swamps and jungles, and granite in mountain biomes (but andesite/diorite can no longer generate here). You'll also find three times more gravel patches underground in gravel mountains biomes.
    -Soul sand valleys, Crimson, and warped forests will all generate fortresses instead of bastions, Basalt deltas will instead generate bastions but no fortresses, and Nether wastes will generate both!
    -Soul sand valleys will generate more underground gravel as well as (very rarely) wither skeletons! Basalt deltas will generate more nether gold, warped forests will generate more nether quartz, and nether wastes will have mineshafts as well as slightly more netherite. Oh and the overworld red and brown mushrooms should no longer generate at all in any nether biome (I never understood why they could).
    -Endermites will rarely spawn in end highlands (the place with chorus fruits), and phantoms will spawn in small end islands (note, this works best with my datapack that disables insomnia), and the main end island will have an be surrounded by the small floating islands all the way out to the outer islands!
    -Amethyst Geodes have been made slightly more uncommon, but can now spawn at higher y levels (in my testing some even spawned exposed to the surface!)
    -I should also mention it makes the nether twice as tall (to 256) and the overworld uses the 1.18 generation including aquifers, deeper caves, and a higher build limit!

    *Note, I haven't really tested this very extensively in survival so feel free to leave feedback!

    I have also posted swamps separately if anyone is interested:
    Early Swamp Update (1.19): Mushrooms, Custom trees, and more! Minecraft Data Pack (planetminecraft.com)

    All of these changes and MANY more will be included in my 1.17 RL MEGAPACK!
    -but I decided to release this early/separately

    The 1.16 version can be found here:
    Aceplante's RL Megapack Minecraft Data Pack (planetminecraft.com)

    And the 1.17 version can be found here!
    Aceplante's RL Megapack (for 1.17) Minecraft Data Pack (planetminecraft.com)

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
    toMinecraft 1.18

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    12/05/2021 2:31 am
    Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
    nekomaster avatar
    Doesn't work for 1.18, dragging the datapack into the game does nothing IE it registers dropping something in there but nothing shows up because the files are inside a folder in the zip.

    (I tried fixing it by taking the files out of the folder inside and put the pack.mcmeta and data folders in the root of the .zip but it fails to validate)
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