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Autumn, New Foods! | 1.18 datapack!

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PlayfulPotato avatar PlayfulPotato
Level 19 : Journeyman Nerd
Hello! This is a datapack I made for thanksgiving time, and only works in 1.18. (This is due to biome renaming.)

This datapack adds a couple new foods and a new workstation.

First things first you are going to want a cooking pot, you set it up by placing a cauldron ontop of a campfire.
To make things in a cooking pot you throw the required items into it.

There are 4 cooking pot recipes, they go as follows:

Candy Apple - 2 Sugar, 1 Apple. Grants a short burst of speed when eaten.

Apple Pie - 3 Apples, 2 Wheat, and 5 Sugar.

Apple Cider - 2 Apples, 1 Glass Bottle, and 1 Sugar. Grants an extra row of absorption hearts.

Maple Mush Stew - 2 Pristine Leaves, 2 Harvest Mushrooms, and 1 Bowl. Grants a damage resistance buff for 3 minutes.
All of these must be made in the cooking pot.

This pack adds two new materials:

Harvest Mushrooms, are mushrooms that spawn in Birch Forests, Old Growth Birch Forest, Old Growth Pine Taiga, and Meadows. They can be harvested by right clicking them with an empty hand.

Pristine Leaves are gotten by breaking oak leaves, the chance increases with fortune.

I hope you enjoy the pack! (When Terralith 1.18 comes out I will see about adding support for it since it completely changes the overworld and mushrooms are impossible to obtain with it)

Obligatory Discord Notice:
I also have a discord for when I do datapacks. It currently is named after a very large pack I am working on, but it has sections for the other packs I am making too!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18 Snapshot

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11/25/2021 11:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
tbnrfan292 avatar
u got turkeys
11/25/2021 12:04 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Nerd
PlayfulPotato avatar
I wish...
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