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Aceplante's Avatar Aceplante
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Spelunker
With this datapack, several items previously non-renewable (or even obtainable in survival challenge worlds) are now renewable, while also making my best effort to make sure they are balanced and make sense.



Fishing Loot is now much more biome specific and can yield exploration maps, coral fans, prismarine shards/crystals, and even very rarely tridents.

Piglin bartering can now yield fungis, and very rarely a pigstep disc, the snout banner pattern, or netherite scrap

Fletcher villagers can once again give luck tipped arrows.

Igloos now contain a small amount of blaze power, and stronghold corridors now have both end stone and chorus fruits, providing a legitimate way of obtaining them if you are unable to access the other dimensions.

Amethyst now generates in end city treasure chests so they can be obtained in superflat challenges.

To obtain emeralds for wandering trader trades, pillagers now drop emeralds too (instead of just vindicators which do not spawn as a part of patrols).

Piglins/brutes now drop gold ingots.

Glow squids now drop regular ink sacs in addition to glowing ones making them not completely useless.

Husks now drop gold instead of iron, and beetroots/seeds instead of potatoes/carrots, and can even sometimes drop sand!

Elder Guardians always drop a heart of the sea.

Withers now have a rare chance to drop music disc 11 or the thing banner pattern.



Endermen in the overworld will rarely spawn already holding grass or sand (even if the world is devoid of them), perfect for getting some in skyblock challenges.

Fishermen villagers have a chance to sell salmon buckets instead of cod buckets (yes, they are otherwise unobtainable).

In addition to his already extremely useful trades, the wandering trader now has a pool of bonus trades consisting of berries, horse armors, snow, lava, lichen, turtle eggs, bamboo, and all of the two-block tall flowers, all of which are impossible to obtain in superflat/skyblock challenges.

Wandering traders will also occasionally show up with rare mobs such as regular llamas, cats, rabbits, bees, and very rarely a parrot or mooshroom.


If there are any other items that are unobtainable, please leave a comment with a potential way to obtain them!

This change is included in my RL Megapack posted here: Aceplante's RL Megapack, but I also wanted to post it separately in case anyone wanted this specifically.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.19

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