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Balloons in Minecraft

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MIkaG avatar MIkaG
Level 50 : Grandmaster Artist
What does it add?
  • 16 balloons with differend colors
  • water balloon
  • lava balloon
  • xp balloon
  • explosive balloon

  • When you place a balloon, it is created already tied to your hand
  • Explodes on one hit (deals no damage, except explosive balloon)
  • Sometimes arrows can bounce off the ballon
  • Can be tied to a fence
  • You can walk on them regardless of their position
  • Balls will always be 4 or more blocks above the ground
  • Water ballon after explosion drops water
  • Lava ballon after explotion drops lava
  • XP ballon after explotion drops xp ords
  • Explosive ballon explodes like TNT
How do I get them?
Сraft of common baloon (You can place to the center every dye thet you need):
Balloons in Minecraft Minecraft Data Pack
Craft of water and lava baloons:
Balloons in Minecraft Minecraft Data PackBalloons in Minecraft Minecraft Data Pack
Craft of xp baloons:

Craft of explosive baloons:

You can also write "/function new_minecraft:items/" command and then choose in hints baloon thet you wnat
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.19

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