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Bed Warp - Teleport to your bed

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imalittlhigh avatar imalittlhigh
Level 49 : Master Sweetheart
Use a Warpglass to teleport to your set spawnpoint!
(except wordspawn)

Beds on the Overworld, and charged Respawn Anchors in the Nether (Warping does not consume charges)

Recipe for the Warpglass:

Bed Warp - Teleport to your bed Minecraft Data Pack

This pack does not constantly forceload the chunk the players last used bed / respawn anchor is in. If chunks are forceloaded already, the pack does not override these forceloads.

Ty brisai for giving me the idea on how to handle the forceloads better =)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18
toMinecraft 1.19

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by imalittlhigh 02/07/2023 8:44:36 amFeb 7th

removed the need to always forceload player beds and respawn anchors

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02/06/2023 1:43 pm
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
brisai avatar
How does the pack work? Do you forceload the chunk at the players bed?
02/06/2023 3:30 pmhistory
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sweetheart
imalittlhigh avatar
yeah you sadly have to do that otherwise it wont work after a reload or server restart/ singleplayer relog
Ah, and a marker marks the block and player it "belongs" to (altho multiple players can have the same respawn block)
02/06/2023 9:06 pm
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
brisai avatar
Might be easier to pull the SpawnX/Y/Z data from the player directly to position the marker, raycasting can be a little unreliable in survival settings. Could also make it easier to implement this for the nether with SpawnDimension player data.

But its a funny coincidence that you posted this datapack now though lol. Ive been wanting to make a bed warp mechanic for months but I didnt like the idea of using forceload and literally last night I figured out a work around. Namespace was bed_warp initially too even lol

Ill link to your post when/if i post mine because I think there are definite pros and cons to both of our methods, but overall yours is better
02/07/2023 5:25 amhistory
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sweetheart
imalittlhigh avatar
hahaha nice! Link yours here too so i can check it out =)
Well damn because of your comment I thought of a very much better mechanic to solve this :D
Ty man ^^

And how is raycasting unreliable in survival? The only problem ive seen is if you move your camera from the edge of the placed block fast, wile placing it (not hard to recreate if you know what to do, but wont rly happen that much ig)
02/07/2023 1:43 pm
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
brisai avatar
Np np! Im looking forward to seeing the new mechanic

Raycasting in survival is good most of the time but I found it can fail pretty reliably while walking sideways and placing blocks (roughly 10% of the time in my testing) and it can fail 100% of the time when placing blocks on the sides of non solid blocks eg. placing a bed on top of carpets. Your cursor points at the carpet but the bed gets placed a block above

Definitely not a huge deal, but I figured itd still be a tangible benefit to using /data
02/07/2023 1:55 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Sweetheart
imalittlhigh avatar
oh didnt event think about that :D
I looked into the data thing, but the problem is it only gets refreshed after using the spawn point.
So if the bed is broken you could still tp to it until you die once and it refreshes the playerdata
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